off the record & the shoulder

Being a person who loves to look nice has its ups and downs. And sometimes the benefits don’t outweigh the negative aspects. But sometimes they do.    
Top: Khol’s off-the-shoulder (I got it in white)…& here’s another option that is adorable and it even has tassels (!!!)|| Bottom: American Eagle (always my go-to because they are an inexpensive, long option) ||Bag: (old) Dooney & Bourke– similar style here and here. ||Shoes: similar sandal here or here.
Like my art room? Beckett let me choose the decor and I think he was a bit scared when I wanted a lambswool rug to cover my drafting chair, but I think it works nicely! Plus, it helps my bum not to hurt 😁 (sorry for giving you tmi).
About my creative process: It sounds really weird, but… I am really only able to be creative when I feel good about how I look. I think it is partly a procrastination thing though, but it is still something I have learned about myself over the years. 
 So whether I am running errands ⬆️ Or just painting, I usually at least put on makeup and do my hair– even if I’m still in yoga pants and a tee. In college I used to put on lipstick before I studied for tests… Lol… There has to be something wrong with that! 😋
Oh, also, idk if you can see this hair clip in the other pictures, but…
 …it was actually an old brooch that i found in an antique store this past weekend! I literally just pinned it into my hair with bobby pins (not the pin itself). I thought about super gluing a bobby pin into the brooch itself, but I realized we’re out of super glue.😢 maybe I will show you how I end up Turing the brooch into a full-fledged hair clip later! Until then! 

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