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Hi guys! Today I’m showing you my favorite velvet shoes for the winter! These beauties made the cut because they are affordable, adorable, and seem really well made. The best part? They’re all under $50 and actually most of them are WAY less than that! These would make a perfect Christmas gift for a sister or friend or a perfect addition to your holiday wardrobe! Oh my gosh they would be so so cute! I’m personally eyeing no. 5 Ā and no. 4 for my shoe problem… I mean collection!

why I chose these shoes out of thousands of others:

1- these would be perfect for your Christmas picture outfit or for the Christmas Eve service.

2- this pair is perfect for everyday because they are inexpensive and adorable.

3- umm target, you get me every time.

4- I LOVE THE HEEL ON THIS PAIR!!!! And it comes in other colors too. WIN!

5- I can imagine these as a fun addition to a simple outfit like bluejeans and a sweater.

6- these shoes could go in so many different directions. i think i would start by wearing them with an all black outfit and using different textures to keep a rich theme. for example, adding a black faux fur vest overtop of a thin sweater.

7- a pair of plain velvet slip on sneakers would be a perfect way to elevate an everyday outfit.

8- i always love a pair of heels like this because they go equally as good with jeans as they do with a formal dress.

Check them out and let me know which pair you want this season!



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