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maxi dress front
Hello, loves & thanks for joining me today!
My cousin got married this last weekend and here are some pictures we took down by the lake during some downtime after the reception dinner. maxi dress from behind
I think five girls complimented me on this dress so I’ll link the exact dress (from Old Navy) and this same dress in gingham! The shoes are Rebecca Minkoff from 2 summers ago, but I found a similar pair by Cole Haan (with an adorable bow) for $66!
Oh, and I forgot to mention, the dress is $36-44! pregnancy photoshoot in maxi dresswolfie and mefsaz

family photo at evelyn's wedding full length
My cousin, Spencer, took this family photo for us– thank you Spencer! Also, can you see Beckett’s shirt? It was from the Nintendo/Bloomingdales collaboration this spring! Wolfie was super excited about Beckett’s shirt because he kept saying they matched 🙂
Speaking of shirts… a funny thing happened at Walmart last week while getting our groceries. Wolfe is obsessed with pointing out things that are orange lately so while by the milk, he suddenly started hysterically pointing, yelling and giggling about something orange. I kinda ignored him at first because I thought he was begging for orange juice. Suddenly I realized he was saying something about a “Duuuuuttttt oooonnnngggg!!!!” (Shirt orange) and pointing back and forth from his shirt to the orange juice section.
It turns out there was a [rather large]  guy getting orange juice… & his shirt PERFECTLY matched the juice!
We all had to stop and giggle, partly at the sight of the man who matched the orange juice, but also at Wolfie who thought it was SOOOOO funny!
Have you ever had a kid tell you something you couldn’t understand at first and then realized it was really cute/funny?

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