Yummmmmy Summer Family Treats

We just started letting Wolfie eat a few sweet treats and by far his favorite is ice cream. He absolutely loves it and it's so sweet to watch him eat it. So when Arctic Zero asked me if they could send us their 4 new flavors I knew our whole family could enjoy it!!!!

Arctic Zero is technically not ice cream, but it is a frozen dessert treat made with protein powder, fiber, water, natural sweetness, and other good ingredients. As a one year old I still don't want Wolfie eating tons of sweet things, but it feels good to know this company cares about what goes into their treats.

We've tried their frozen desserts before and really really liked them, but these new flavors are soooo good! We found ours at Walmart before, but I know you can order them for a quick delivery from Amazon too! If you order online they come packed cutely in a box with dry ice– just make sure you're home to get the treats before they melt!!!!

I like keeping a low cal treat around because if we have ice cream stocked in our freezer Beckett and I may go to bed with big bowls of ice cream a lot (at least 2x a week). Is that bad? πŸ˜› Beckett and Wolfie especially loved the dilly bar flavor because Cake Batter is so sweet!My favorite was the Cherry Chocolate Chunk because it was uber refreshing, but all of them were good!!!!! Rocky Road Trip was amazing too, mostly because it had a great fluffy consistiency and marshmallows. And Peanut. Butter. Swirl. Need I say more?

He's so funny about sharing everything lately. see? Haha

Below you can see the cake batter dilly bar! They have a red velvet chocolate shell ❀

Don't worry, Wolfie didn't have too much of any of the flavors, but he can't wait till we bring them out again!


This post is brought to you by Arctic Zero, but all thoughts and opinions are my own. I actually really wanted to work with Arctic Zero for awhile now because I've had their treats before and they are amazing!

Oh and there's one last picture I had to share:


built-in library DIY: how to/before and after

We moved into a new house in April, but the trouble with moving is that a new house needs to be made into a home. We want our spaces to feel personal, to reflect our personal desires and needs.

This house was pretty much turn-key, but one main thing we needed was a library space for Beckett's hundreds of books.

So we hit up a local Lowes and got the lumber, screws, paint for the wall behind the shelves, and paint for the shelves themselves.

How to make built in bookshelves:

1. Start by measuring the wall (w x h) then make a detailed drawing.

As you can see below most of the heavy thinking needs to happen before you even go get your wood. This plan took a few days to ferment in my mind before I felt confident enough to put it into action.

Planning Tips:

  • Make a detailed drawing even if you aren't good at drawing.
  • Each shelf should be no longer than 36" in order to support the books.
  • You'll be building each self individually so you'll need to determine how wide you want each shelf.
  • Consider outlets and other obstacles as you plan your spacing.
  • To figure out how many bookshelves you can fit into the room evenly, you'll have to play with the numbers a bit, but keep in mind that you'll need a little wiggle room between each shelf so you'll subtract about 2 inches per shelf.
  • I knew I wanted a lot of wider shelves instead of making a ton of shelves. So I took my total room width (181") and divided it by 36." That got me the number 5.027777, which told me I could almost make FIVE 36" bookshelves fit perfectly in the space.
  • Then I subtracted 2" from each shelf width (so now each shelf is 34" wide) because I wanted some extra room for installation and trim.
  • Take your ceiling height and subtract at least 2 inches (if you have somewhere tall to erect the bookshelves), take off 4 or more inches and plan to add trim to the top if you don't have a vaulted ceiling in a great room or entry way. If you don't subtract enough height you won't be able to stand your shelves up when you bring each one into the space.
  • Then add in enough 1×4" planks to go across the length of the wall horizontally. You'll fasten this under one shelf on each bookcase and then screw it into the studs so your bookcases don't tip on anyone (see pictures below for more info).
  • Once you have the plan, look online at standard sizes of wood you'll need and figure out the measurements and how many pieces of wood you need.
  • It's always a good idea to check pricing and size options before staring a project like this. I think lumber alone cost around $250 for this project.
  • If you don't have super high ceilings you could use plywood and have Home Depot or Lowes rip it down to the dimensions you need. That would be a lot cheaper than using these 1×10' pieces of lumber. I used this wood because our ceilings are 9."

2. Cut the shelves all the same width.

Cutting tips:

  • Measure twice and cut once.
  • If you don't have a table saw, don't sweat it. Use a circular saw and stabilize it using a huge clamp and a 2×4.
  • Mark your measurements right on your tape measure with a dry erase marker, that way you can easily see where you need to measure to.
  • Take your time and do a good job. You're putting a lot of effort into this either way so you may as well be a perfectionist about it. πŸ˜‰

These are all of my supports. I laid them out on the driveway to measure them before I cut them.

Use a smaller width of wood to fasten to the shelf itself that goes under a shelf on each book case. You'll use it to screw into when you anchor the bookcase.

3. Measure and mark lines for your shelves:

Measuring tips:

  • You don't want your books sitting on the ground so measure up a few inches (based on your trim) and put the first shelf 2-3" off of the ground.
  • From that first shelf, divide the remaining length by the number of shelves you intend to have per bookcase. You'll have to mess with the numbers again here to get the spacing you want.
  • Each bookshelf is about 1' tall.

  • Draw clear, even shelf lines horizontally (and at a 90 degree angle) across the vertical supports.

4. Drill holes and screw shelves together.

Assembly Tips:

  • Use big clamps to hold the vertical supports in place as you drill holes and screw each shelf into the vertical supports.
  • Use a 90 degree angle to make sure everything is square.
  • Make sure the vertical supports are properly aligned.

5. Paint your shelves.

  • This process is pretty straightforward. Make sure to do a few coats.

  • You really only need to paint the parts that will be seen.
  • My paint color

Optional painting step 5.5:

  • paint the wall behind the bookshelf a cool color or add special wallpaper as an accent!

6. Place your shelves and screw into studs.

Placement tips:

  • Space them evenly, adjusting as you go. Measure the spaces between.

  • Use a level to ensure the shelves are completely vertical.

  • Double check spacing between tops and bottoms of shelves to prevent uneven gaps.

  • You should have about 2" between each shelf (not counting the vertical support).

  • Check to be sure the trim will fit and is straight enough to cover any gaps between the shelves.

  • Screw each shelf into the studs… then add trim!

7. Trim: measure, paint, cut, then install.

  • Now that you have the shelves in place you want to add trim to make them look built in

  • Paint the trim.

  • First re-measure where the crown molding, base trim pieces will go.

  • Cut the crown and base trim first, install it.

  • then measure the vertical sections

  • Install vertical trim pieces

  • Touch up paint if needed (especially over nail heads) and you're done!

So that is how I made my built-ins! Look for another post soon with more detailed pictures of the final product πŸ™‚



open concept kitchen inspiration

Open Concept Revamp Inspiration

Our new house is finally starting to feel like a home, but I'm still constantly thinking about ways to make it feel more cozy, more "us."

We didn't have a true "open concept" in our old house so I didn't mind if the kitchen decor didn't coordinate perfectly with the living room, but now that they're the same space I have been focusing my thoughts on how to get the two "rooms" to feel like one.

If I had a huge budget, coordinating the rooms would be easier because I could just replace everything, but my budget is basically zero so I did a little searching for items that will add style, but will be easy(ish) to save up for.

How to create a cozy open concept design that flows:

  • Start by painting your walls a fresh, clean, light color such as a greige or white.
  • Then add a small pop of wallpaper that compliments your wall color. Consider wallpapering a smaller wall to keep costs down and to not overwhelm your design.
    • If you like a lot of drama and contrast– by all means, go bold with a different or bright color– but if subdued elegance is more of your style I'd recommend sticking to white or a light grey/beige color scheme.
  • After your walls are done you're ready to add a new basic backsplash. Subway tile is a huge fad right now and is super inexpensive (but still soooo cool) so you'll want to find a way to create a lasting appeal with a hot trend. A herringbone pattern is a great way to elevate a basic material like those rectangular tiles! My favorite type of herringbone pattern is called the straight herringbone. See below for more details!
  • Switch out your old kitchen faucet (and hardware) for a quick design upgrade. It always looks super chic to match that to other accents and pull the color over to the living room.
    • lamps and mirrors are a great way to add a pop of brass to the living room!
  • Final touches include a new rug, loveseat or chair, ottoman, and throw that coordinates with the color scheme.

Here's a list of what is shown in the image above:

All of these products above combined cost about $2,000 (+ or – depending on amount of backsplash needed). That may sound like a lot of money, but each item was carefully curated by yours truly to give you some budget friendly options with a high-end look.

Now I just need to start saving my pennies so I can afford that gorgeous ottoman and dreamy faucet!!!! It's funny how homeownership changes a girl's wishlist…

What do you think? Which items are your favorites?



cafe kaffe coffee kafei coffea

The word coffee is kinda like the word mama because it sounds similar in almost every different language! That must mean coffee and mamas are universal necessities, right? πŸ™‚

This $12Β shirt is from Target, along with these $3.99 flip flops!!!!Β The shorts are older from American Eagle, similar pair here.

Wolfie knows about mamas and coffee! He keeps taking our cups when we turn around and sneaking a drink of it! And right before this picture was taken I was holding both him and my coffee when he yanked my straw out of my cup and splatted coffee ALL OVER ME! There was even some coffee in my ear!
It was actually pretty funny.:)

Below is another photo to illustrate my point of how Wolfie grabs our drinks quick whenever we turn around:

Stars, they’re people too. -Beckett’s caption for the photo. haha!

Beckett caught him yesterday with this (empty) pop cup & took a photo because he looked like one of those celebrities walking around. Lol


before and after: an art studio/home office makeover

blogger art room blush pink walls grown up

There's nothing I love more than a good before and after picture so here it is…

Blogger's diy art studio makeover with blush pink walls

Those dark purple and white walls were doing nothing for me so I used some old paint that we hadn't used at our old house in my art studio! I originally planned to use this blush pink in our old bathroom, but when Beckett and I remodeled it we weren't feeling like pink would be a good color for our master bath.

blush pink walls printmaker's cabinet for brushes and craft supply storage

It works wonderfully in my own little oasis though!

desk area in blush pink blogger room art studio

The color scheme is blush, teal, gold, brown, and a few pops of black to anchor the space.side table with custom art painting of blogger's wedding dress

Would you believe me if I said we got this lamp at Target for $8? Well we did! We spent $16 though because we got two of them, one for here and one for our living room.

They were on sale because our target was doing a quick remodel in the home decor section and they needed to get rid of it fast! I linked the exact same lamp, but sadly it's not $8 anymore!window view of blush blogger room

The rug and curtains are from Wayfair a few years ago, but the exact rug is still available. Rug size is 5×10.

Desk and chair are from Dick Blick Art Supplies, similar table (with drawers) from Target and similar chair from Bed Bath and Beyond.

Hutch is a vintage find.teal cabinetcard organization in artist blogger's blush pink office

The wooden desk organizer I fastened to the wall was something I got at Home Goods to organize my thank you cards, but never used it until now because every time I went into my art studio to clean I wound up feeling too overwhelmed to get anything done.

If you go back and look at the picture I show as the "before" you might think, that's not so bad, why were you overwhelmed? But that's only because you didn't actually see the REAL "before!" The real before is now a distant memory thanks to my thoughtful Beckett who knew the only way to get me to start cleaning this room was to jumpstart the process himself.

Thank you dear.

desk area blogger blush pink art studio

The storage basket under the desk came from Walmart, of all places! That was another one of Beckett's thoughtful surprises!

While at work a few weeks ago, Beckett organized our pantry using the gold and white ikat print fabric boxes! It's so cute, another post for another time!

corner keith green print, printmaking cabinet drawer, craft supplies organization

As I dug through my old art projects I found a lithograph of Keith Green. You should look him up because his music is amazing! He was basically a child rockstar prodigy (the Justin Bieber of his era, if you will) and he had a life changing moment that made him change gears and create soulful, beautiful music.

He later died in a plane crash, but left us with loads of great songs. My favorite is the Easter Song.

printmaker's drawers printmaker

A few years back Beckett surprised me with this great printmaker's cabinet for my birthday. I thought it was really cool, but didn't quite know how to make it useful.

Beckett, his mom, and sister said I should figure out how to take all of the little partitions out of the drawers so I could put my art supplies in there.

It only took me two years to do it, but I got it (mostly) done!Marker organization

Prismacolor and Spectrum Noir markers.

I love both sets of markers, but Prismacolor seems to last longer and give a richer, more even color saturation. I like the Spectrum Noir markers for their transparent, artsy quality.

color pencil organization

Prismacolor watercolor and regular, KIMBERLY, Colorific, FAO Schwartz, and Royal Brush pastel pencils.

I won't bore you with pictures of what's in the rest of the drawers. They contain mainly kneadable erasers, graphite sticks, conte crayons, small watercolor bottles, and pastels.

my helpers

blogger's room and art stuido with blush pink walls

The rug under my chair is something that belonged to my grandma Deloris. My grandpa gave it to me after she passed because grandma and I shared an obsession with pink and green. I absolutely love this rug and always keep it in my art studio, as long as I'm not painting!art workspace for blogger's home office with blush pink walls

Some of my artwork from my Swedish apartment. L: a drawing of my apartment, R: a drawing of my favorite building in Halmstad.desk space of bloggers diy home office makeover art studio

Lampshade and sheepskin are from Ikea.

Desk is a hand-me-down that I painted a distressed white.

Lamp is a vintage find.


If you enjoyed this post let me know below or come follow me on Instagram @the_classy_artist!



my 3 tips for budget shopping online

Hey y'all! Last night's post was a bit long so I wanted to keep tonight's post short, sweet, and on a light topic!
Top: another of my amazing Shein finds and I love that the shirt is just $14!! | Shoes: espadrilles from Shein (couldn't find them today tho…), Similar from Asos | shorts: American Eagle, similar for just $14.50 | Bag: vintage Coach, similar | Earrings: old from Dress Barn, similar from target with tassels & a great shape!

The top was gifted to me because of my partnership with the company, but the espadrilles are something I saw on their site and bought on my own.

But the thing about Shein is that the sizing can be hard to figure out. For example, I bought the espadrilles and a pair of gorgeous green flats at the same time and ordered the same size based on my shoe size (size 9.5), but the green flats were the equivalent of a size 8.

Tip 1: Look at the size guide and then consider sizing up …once or twice.

I am wearing a size medium shirt here. I think it fits well in the shoulders and length. US brands typically call this size a small.

When I've bought pants (and shoes) from Shein in the past I've had to return them or give them away if I get my usual size (even according to the size guide). So for pants or shoes make sure to size up at least one size, maybe two. That doesn't apply to dressed though, those are usually sized like shirts and you'll just want to go up one size.

Tip 2: Read reviews and weigh their advice.

Are you the type of person who always reads reviews? Good job if you are because you'll want to read them! I know this sounds bad, but if you see a lot of cute little Asian girls giving something a good review and saying it's true to size, that probably means you will want to size up at least once!

If you see a review from someone with a similar body type to yours who got your same size and it didn't fit, size up or look for something else.

At the same time, Shein's prices are so good that sometimes it's worth trying something new, even if it doesn't work for you in the end. You can always return or exchange things anyway!

Tip 3: When checking out select the option to do a free return.

It's just a few bucks more, but it could be worth it. You're getting a cool piece of clothing for a lot less than most US stores. Plus, it's not something everyone else and their mother will be wearing.
Uniqueness always wins points in my book!

One thing that amazed me about this shirt was the beauty of the embroidery and the tasteful, feminine design. You can see the embroidery better here. ❀

And I can't forget to show you the bow on the back of the collar!!!! So cute!!!!

Message me, email me, or DM me on Instagram if you have any ordering questions or questions about anything else!