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Hello friends, I keep saying this, but I have always loved babies. I don't know if it's innate in me or because of being the built in babysitter since I was the oldest daughter out of 7 kids, but I love babies. Awhile back my sis-in-law broke the joyful news to us that they are... Continue Reading →


bumpdate and why I didn’t shop the NSale

Hello friends! It's only Tuesday, but but feels like the weekend should be here soon already. These pictures were from my birthday on Saturday. I kept things casual during the day because my birthday request was that we clean our house 😛 Sunday started with a horrible migraine and bad back pain, which just got... Continue Reading →

recipes for the week of 7.16.18

Happy Monday, loves! Remember today that you are valuable, beautiful, and capable no matter what life throws your way today. Take a look at this week's easy meals: Here's the Grocery List: And the links for recipes: Mon: L: Using tortillas leftover from last week, make egg, cheese and lunchmeat wraps. Be sure to heat... Continue Reading →

Art Review/How To! Fine Tec Pearescent Watercolors

As my 2 year old is saying lately, "Hi Peoples!!!!" This is my latest art obsession and I can't wait to show you what I'm making with these metallic/pearlescent paints! xo, kellie

Cute Summer Maternity Clothes and Swimsuits Under $40

Some of the links in this post are affiliate links, which I put in both to help you shop and in order to help generate a small income for my family. The more you click, the more I earn, but there's no catch. It's just helpful to both of us! This post is not "sponsored"... Continue Reading →

Real Recipes: don’t waste time planning meals, look here instead!

Monday L: cold cuts S: Veggie Lo Mein Recipe -- I'm going to use stir fry mixed veggies instead of what she uses. Tuesday L: Apricot Chicken and Garlic and Parmesan Roasted  For the apricot chicken, it's as easy as it sounds! Just prepare the chicken as directed on the packaging and before cooking top with... Continue Reading →

my favorite 4th of July #ootd you can grab last minute

Hello gals, Whenever I wear the shirt in the pictures above people always ask me where I got it. Of course it's sold out 😦 so instead of trying to find something comparable, I'm just going to show you my favorite patriotic outfits under $50 that you could go grab today! I tried something new... Continue Reading →

Real Recipes (4th of July Week)

Hello Lovelies, Since this is a holiday week in the USA (& Canada), I decided to forgo my usual weekly meal plan and instead give you a list (with recipes as needed) of my favorite all-American food! A little research, including a visit to some sketchy Wikipedia pages and a number of blogs proclaiming to... Continue Reading →

Talk to me, baby! It’s survey time!

It would mean the world to me if you would fill out this survey to help inform our next few weeks of blogging! 🙂 UPDATE: so sorry, the html code I used wasn't right so please, use the following link... Xo, Kellie

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