white lace + distressed denim

Yesterday was all about relaxing and chatting with great friends, but before any of that I made sure to do my morning routine of drinking tea and sketching. This book called One Sketch a Day is really great because it keeps me on track.

One Sketch a Day
All photo creds: Beckett 🙂

I hadn’t planned on drawing every day while in Sweden, but right before I left, my (now) mother-in-law gave me my first One Sketch a Day so every day that I lived in Sweden, I did a quick (or sometimes long) sketch. And you know what? I could see myself improve so much and it has become a great record of how I have evolved as an artist over the past few years.

victorian style

Anyway, enough about that!

I can’t remember for sure where I got this blouse, but I know it was second hand. Someone gave it to me. And I liked it so I kept it, but I never quite figured out how to style it until this week.   

I really want to hear, would you wear this look?

lace top with layered necklaces

Just the top with these two layered necklaces looks so… Old. BUT as soon as I paired it with distressed denim shorts, and bronze belt… it became something a little special.

You could also pair this with the same nude flats and purse from my last post. You could even go with a more brownish sandal or shoe and purse too.

The key to not looking frumpy in Victorian is to pair something this feminine and regal with things that are a bit more modern and dressed down.

Stay creative and classy, 



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