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Have you ever been stung by a bee?
stillwater trip
Well now I have been. The day before my birthday. Right in the eyelid. Or as the dramatic part of me wants to say, “right in the eyeball.” It sounds better, doesn’t it? Anyway, my mom and baby sister, Sarah, came over to celebrate the other day and my parents gave me two huge, gorgeous rose bushes!
We wanted to get them into the ground right away (it was like a zillion degrees out) so we decided that we could just clean up some of the [icky] flowers that were there before Beckett and I moved into the house. And that’s where the problem started.
As I cut down a baby tree (that I should have weeded out months ago), I guess that I accidentally disturbed an in-ground bee’s nest! Before I knew what had hit me there was a pain in my eye and a little bee that was stuck to my eyelid! 
Thank the Lord for makeup & sunnies because Sarah started calling me Quasimodo and saying things like, “Mom! I’m not an ani-mal!!!” 
If you ever get stung by a bee, get that stinger out quickly, have someone mix a little baking soda with water because it helps stop the hurting (a little), and then ice that sucker for a few hours. You’ll be fine, but you might look a little funky for about a day. Oh, and go find your little sister because she’ll make you feel REALLY good about yourself (not). haha
[Shirt: linnen tee (J. Crew) || Skirt: old from JC Penny’s, but find your similar cut or concept || Shoes: Michael Kors, but these other Michael Kors wedges are super cute with those embellishments || Necklaces: gold is old from a store in Sweden (similar Kate Spade) // other is a necklace/headband from Loft outlet (same from yesterday’s post— butsimilar here from Anthro for less than $5!!!!) || Fedora: (old) from Kate Spade… similar style || Purse: Louis Vuitton from Tradesy, I’m linking a similar one here (in case anyone is interested). It is pre owned, like mine, but still in great condition… and a LOT less expensive than normal Louis Vuitton purses.]
beckett is a party
becketts the party
becketts hat
These pictures were taken by the river in Stillwater, Mn as we explored! We had so much fun exploring, walking around, sitting by the river watching boats, and people watching. Beckett even “worked it” with my hat! Isn’t he cute?! 😊


(multicolored roses from one of my sisters-in-law.)

the cake from beckett
birthday cakebdayparty2Breakfast in bed and a decorated dining room were what I woke up to that day! I just had to show you this because my husband went all out to show me a good birthday! It is no wonder his family calls him “Holiday Boy.”
Best birthday ever.
Thanks for reading! 

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    Happy belated birthday!

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