let’s brooch the subject

Sometimes it’s nice to add a little something special to an outfit, whether it is a cute belt, a great necklace, or a hair accessory. 

Below you will see the steps I used to transform the brooch (from this post) so it can also be a hair accessory! 

Step 1: select a brooch that you love (thrift or antique stores are great for this)

Step 2: gather together two bobby pins, the brooch, glue, and a disposable surface (in case you’re like me and get glue everywhere)!

Step 3: fugure out where each bobby pin will hit the brooch so you know where to put the glue.   

Step 4: put something like Kleenex between the top & bottom parts of the bobby pins to keep them apart & keep them from getting permanently stuck together. I didn’t do this at first and I had to peel them apart. I did this in the car on a road trip with the hubs so I only had my J. Crew catalogue so I used that.

Step 5: hold it steadily for about five minutes… For each bobby pin.   

 Step 6: style with curls or a sleek ponytail!   

I would love to see if any of you do this & I will post your pics in a roundup later! 
Thanks for reading! 




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