Monday Must-Haves

Warning: this post may make you wish for Fall and cause irrational behavior such as the desire to wear leather pants in 90 degree weather. The writer is not responsible for any heatstroke as a result of such actions.
Monday Must-Haves

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Last week, some of the major retail stores put a whole bunch of items on sale. A lot of my favorite blog-peeps were doing features on their favorite finds from the “#nsale” aka Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale. However, I found that a lot of other places were having great sales too. Take for example the pants labeled no. 9 on the picture. They are real leather Helmut Lang pants from Saks off 5th. So, already, there are three things we know about them: 1) they are made well, 2) they will fit well, and 3) they are 70% off.  

Oh and those leggings on the left? Real leather and they are under $100.00

Can it get any better?

Maybe not.

I put together these two looks because I am loving black leather and leopard for fall. I know, I know, they were popular five years ago so this is nothing new, but the point is… they were popular then and they are popular now and they aren’t going anywhere for a long time. Plus, the leather pants seem to be on super sales this summer.

For the look on the right, I included a pop of color with the lavender sweater partly because I think that fall needs some bright colors, but also partly because I actually bought the sweater and pants (on a HUGE sale) and I wanted to see how I might wear them for fall! Don’t get me wrong, I am still loving summer, but I do dream of those cool, crisp fall days when I can wear these leather pants without suffering heat stroke.

I think the key to getting your leather pants though is finding a flattering fit for you that is timeless and chic. If you are in the market for leather pants and your budget allows it, I would seriously order the Helmut Lang option above because they are amazing for a great price. If you are vegan or need a less expensive pair, these pleather options might be your best bet. Consider these, these, or these.

I hope you enjoy!



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