down the rabbit hole…


(I’ve linked some cool dresses to the pics too!)


Dress: old*, similar from Mod Cloth— I LOVE the name on this one– so funny!!!

We were headed to the fair, ready for some food on a stick, wearing (what we thought to be) weather & fair-appropriate clothing… and then we found out about the protests going on that day. So we decided to turn around and go home. We were bummed, but excited that we weren’t going to be walking around for hours in the heat. As we drove home, we took an alternative route and stumbled down a rabbit hole… AKA, the Mad Hatter restaurant and tea house. We really enjoyed their AMAZING jasmine tea, chicken salad croissants, and some sort of chocolate layered vanilla cake with candied oranges on top. Delish. 

And of course, the hubby had to use “proper” tea etiquette the whole time, causing me to giggle and garner some curious looks from nearby diners. 


I should also mention the story behind this dress! Last spring, my then-boyfriend told me one day that I needed to pack up an overnight bag because he was taking me somewhere. Naturally, I was confused and constipated, but excited nonetheless. Anyway– he told me at the airport that we were  going to Lego Land in Carlsbad, CA. Not really knowing the area, I thought nothing of the fact that we were flying into San Jose, CA… 7 hours from the theme park! 

When we got there, he told me to change into this blue gingham dress because it was going to be “hot at the theme park” and “it was just so cute” on me. Girls, be suspicious of a scheme if your bf buys you a dress, lol

So we jumped in an Uber “on our way to Lego Land” and I was told that we needed to make a quick pit stop to something really cool thing that Beckett had heard of… a life-sized Monopoly board! 

Turns out that boyfriend was a little more sneaky than he looked because he proposed to me as soon as I landed on the “Chance” card. And we got engaged, “eloped,” and lived happily ever after. The end. 




stripes and susans

flowers, american eagle, ann taylor flowers, american eagle, ann taylor flowers, american eagle, ann taylor flowers, american eagle, ann taylor

flowers, ann taylor, american eagleScarf: Burberry nova check print slim scarf that I bought from Burberry while I lived in Sweden (new style with a map of London on it!!!) || Shirt: Ann Taylor Outlet, sold out (similar from J. Crew Factory that is on sale) || Shorts: American Eagle || Sunnies: Cole Haan from Marshalls (similar pair, same brand) || FlipFlops: old from Nordstrom Rack (but I really like these Naughty Monkey sandals from Shoptiques, the colors are so gorgeous!) || Earrings: Bauble Bar Crystal Heart Studs || Flowers: Black Eyed Susans 🙂

Yardwork. Uhhh… 

But you may as well look cute while doing chores! 

At least that is my philosophy in life! 

This morning, we got up early to do a few things around the house. My to-do list included

  • picking a bouquet of flowers for the kitchen
  • cleaning up clothes in the closet
  • picking apples
  • and weeding the garden. 

At least they are all fun-ish things to do. Plus I’m so thankful to have apples!

Up until a few weeks ago, I was so annoyed about the fact that the previous owners of our house would plant crabapple trees instead of real apple trees. But those crabapples kept on growing and growing until one day we thought, “Hmmmm…. those might actually be apples!!!” So not only did I feel like an idiot, but I was also really excited to use them for pie! So, beware if I know you, I just might try to bake you a homemade pie. 😉 If you have a good recipe– let me know!!! 

Also, anyone going to the MN State Fair this weekend?!?!?! 



P.s. As a side note for anyone who cares, I wanted to point out that you can buy Burberry scarves like mine second hand. Like this Nova from The Real Real, but whenever anything is secondhand, you run the risk of getting a fake. So you have to: a) do your research and know what to look for when assessing authenticity, or b) just save up and buy a real one, which honestly can end up costing about as much as the real version from a designer and could still be a fake! :S 

little red dress

calvin klein calvin klein calvin kleinDress: Calvin Klein (similar from Dillard’s) || Wedges: Michael Kors (similar) || Purse: vintage (similar Chanel from The Real Real) 

Party outfit from last weekend ❤️ 

On Saturday I went to a lovely bridal shower for my sister-in-law! Everything was  perfect except for one thing: it was hot. Like– your dress is sticking to you in ways I don’t want to detail on here–hot! 

I wished I was wearing something a lot lighter and shorter, but I still love this dress and wanted to share:)

Oh, and that’s little Elsa in the background of the picture on the steps! She’s my little fur baby. 



monday must-haves

Can you figure out which outfit costs way more?


1 || 2 || 3 || 4 || 5 OR 5.1 OR 5.2 (from Target!)  || 6 || 7 || 8 

It’s a little early for cashmere sweaters & sequin skirts, but I just wanted to show you all an upcoming look that that is just so cute for date night, a girls’ night out, or church! The new sequin skirts are not those skin-tight minis that we all fell for about five years ago. Now they are sophisticated and feminine without showing too much skin, which also makes them appropriate for fall and winter! 

Call me nuts, but I would wear one of these options with a plaid too and some coordinating booties this fall. Just make sure the colors match/go together and that the accessories tie the outfit together. 

Oh, and guess what! Tomorrow is my first day back at school for training. :S Part of me is so excited that I am nervous and another part of me is crying on the inside because I will miss all of the freedom and adventures we’ve had this summer.



anniversary date

bcbg lace skirt


brian atwoodbcbg lace skirt bcbg lace skirt

For our anniversary date I wore:

Blouse: old from Nordstrom Rack, but similar from Ann Taylor on sale || Skirt: BCBGmaxazria (similar) || Shoes: Brian Atwood, sold out 😦 (black version) …ALSO, I just discovered there was a purse to go with these shoes!!! How could I not have known this???? || Umbrella: Burberry (actually Beckett’s) || Purse: old, similar version by BCBGeneration that is literally $15  and super cute. If I didn’t have mine already, I would probs get this one.

We were so excited on our anniversary because it rained all day and we both love a good thunder storm. So I laid around in my pjs all day long until the evening because I had to get ready for a surprise dinner date with my conniving, but handsome hubby!

I was so excited when we showed up at the Capital Grill in downtown Minneapolis, I always loved looking at that place because I thought it looked cute from the outside! It was so fun to finally get to go inside. I loved the artwork and the atmosphere there. Not to mention the food! Then, when we had almost finished our meal we opened cards from each other. My card for him was lame (but sparkly and pink– sorry babe) and his for me was super cute! BUT his card for me wasn’t just a card! It contained TWO TICKETS TO A TSWIFT concert!!! Let’s just say he made my Wildest Dreams come true. 😉

Sorry, I had to make a song reference there.



bts outfit inspiration– lilac sweater and pleated skirt


pleated skirt and j. crew sweater pleated skirt and j. crew sweater pleated skirt and j. crew sweater pleated skirt and j. crew sweater pleated skirt and j. crew sweater

To recreate this collegiate look you will need:

  1. an oversized cashmere sweater (the one I’m wearing is on sale and is 30% off too)
  2. a pleated skirt in a similar tone, but different color
  3. a matching coordinating hair bow
  4. matching flats and purse
  5. fresh coordinated manicure

It’s all about those details, from the preppy pleats to the matching bow and manicure. And then have fun, don’t take yourself too seriously and enjoy your outing! 

pleated skirt and j. crew sweater

pleated skirt and j. crew sweater

Skirt: old (similar style from J. Crew Factory, color is distressed quartz) || Sweater: J. Crew, color is “hthr lilac”– on double sale right now!!! || Shoes: *sold out* (Valentino & similar style by Halogen) || Purse: quilted (similar style) || Necklace: Kenneth Jay Lane || Earrings: Pearl (I like this multipack because you can match a lot of different outfits, but they’re not obnoxious colors)

Dinner with a few of my sibs, brother’s gf, and hubby was fun and I’m so glad I got to enjoy it in this cute/comfy outfit. We also decided to hit up B & N for some “back to school” book shopping 🙂