fire 'n gold in our eye-ey-yyys 🎶

Last week was spent in Door County with Beckett’s family. It was so hot outside that even my pants-loving husband had to wear shorts 24/7! This silk cami from J. Crew came in handy more than once with that kind of weather! Plus, you can see it in a previous post  too. 
Bonus: some of them are as inexpensive as $15 – $20 right now, no joke… I just checked!
door county, j crew, american eagle
If you’re on a budget like me, you may already know this, but… do your shopping for next summer NOW! You won’t regret it. Everything is on major sale right now so you could save up to 70% off of those staple items (like this silk cami) that will go for almost $60 again next spring.
Sure a few fun items will come into style next spring that you’ll want to have for the summer, but overall, clothing doesn’t evolve as quickly as you might think. Then, save your fall and winter shopping for next spring and summer. It works every time! 
What’s your favorite item you have ever scored on sale?
door county, wisconsin
Top: Silk Cami from J. Crew || Shorts: American Eagle (& a similar pair, slightly longer b/c I know mine are SHORT) || Shoes: check out this similar pair that I like better because mine are hard to wear and I wish they had more of a heel  || Jewelry: Tiffany & Co, Bauble Bar, & Anna Viktoria 

jcrew, american eagle
Ps. Have you heard the song in the title? I thought Beckett would literally drive me nuts this past week during the driving portions of our vacay because every time we were in the car, he spent the whole time flipping through like 3 Sirius XM stations looking for that Bea Miller song, “Fire N Gold.” And fast forward one week…. it has been stuck in my head every. single. day. lol 
Any suggestions for a new song to get stuck in my head instead of Fire N Gold are welcome. Ok? Thanks.
Until next time. 

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