soften the bow — BTS outfit idea

Going back to school can be intimidating, especially if you’re like me and like to plan outfits ahead of time. Below I will give links for the real version of this outfit and a more budget-friendly option. I was kinda thinking of high school girls when I found the budget option. I hope you enjoy! 

helmut lang leather pants helmut lang leather pants helmut lang leather pants helmut lang leather pants

Pants: exact Helmut Lang (leather-Panel)  or similar Helmut Lang Leather Leggings || Blouse: ROMWE or similar lace blouse || Skinny Scarf: Express || Shoes: (similar) fun Kate Spade heels  || Purse: Kate Spade


BTS option— Pants: ChicNova leggings or RED from Saks || Blouse: ROMWE, same as above because it’s only $8!!! || Scarf: same as above, only $14! || Shoes: Aldo low wedges in black… because tripping is the last thing you need to worry about at school/work. I found other pairs that are cute too, like this Lucky Brand pair, but I have the Aldo ones and I KNOW that they are literally one of the most comfy shoes I own! || Purse: Kate Spade (pre-owned)

Do you have a favorite pair of pants? I do and these ones are that pair. I love how they fit and that they are long enough. I also love the leather look and how the back isn’t leather so they are ridiculously comfortable. And since they’re real leather they breathe.

helmut lang leather pants

Even little Kota loves them! 😉

helmut lang leather pants

I am worried about them getting scratched though… 😛




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