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flowers, ann taylor, american eagleScarf: Burberry nova check print slim scarf that I bought from Burberry while I lived in Sweden (new style with a map of London on it!!!) || Shirt: Ann Taylor Outlet, sold out (similar from J. Crew Factory that is on sale) || Shorts: American Eagle || Sunnies: Cole Haan from Marshalls (similar pair, same brand) || FlipFlops: old from Nordstrom Rack (but I really like these Naughty Monkey sandals from Shoptiques, the colors are so gorgeous!) || Earrings: Bauble Bar Crystal Heart Studs || Flowers: Black Eyed Susans 🙂
Yardwork. Uhhh… 
But you may as well look cute while doing chores! 
At least that is my philosophy in life! 
This morning, we got up early to do a few things around the house. My to-do list included

  • picking a bouquet of flowers for the kitchen
  • cleaning up clothes in the closet
  • picking apples
  • and weeding the garden. 

At least they are all fun-ish things to do. Plus I’m so thankful to have apples!
Up until a few weeks ago, I was so annoyed about the fact that the previous owners of our house would plant crabapple trees instead of real apple trees. But those crabapples kept on growing and growing until one day we thought, “Hmmmm…. those might actually be apples!!!” So not only did I feel like an idiot, but I was also really excited to use them for pie! So, beware if I know you, I just might try to bake you a homemade pie. 😉 If you have a good recipe– let me know!!! 
Also, anyone going to the MN State Fair this weekend?!?!?! 
P.s. As a side note for anyone who cares, I wanted to point out that you can buy Burberry scarves like mine second hand. Like this Nova from The Real Real, but whenever anything is secondhand, you run the risk of getting a fake. So you have to: a) do your research and know what to look for when assessing authenticity, or b) just save up and buy a real one, which honestly can end up costing about as much as the real version from a designer and could still be a fake! :S 

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