down the rabbit hole…

(I’ve linked some cool dresses to the pics too!)
Dress: old*, similar from Mod Cloth— I LOVE the name on this one– so funny!!!
We were headed to the fair, ready for some food on a stick, wearing (what we thought to be) weather & fair-appropriate clothing… and then we found out about the protests going on that day. So we decided to turn around and go home. We were bummed, but excited that we weren’t going to be walking around for hours in the heat. As we drove home, we took an alternative route and stumbled down a rabbit hole… AKA, the Mad Hatter restaurant and tea house. We really enjoyed their AMAZING jasmine tea, chicken salad croissants, and some sort of chocolate layered vanilla cake with candied oranges on top. Delish. 
And of course, the hubby had to use “proper” tea etiquette the whole time, causing me to giggle and garner some curious looks from nearby diners. 
I should also mention the story behind this dress! Last spring, my then-boyfriend told me one day that I needed to pack up an overnight bag because he was taking me somewhere. Naturally, I was confused and constipated, but excited nonetheless. Anyway– he told me at the airport that we were  going to Lego Land in Carlsbad, CA. Not really knowing the area, I thought nothing of the fact that we were flying into San Jose, CA… 7 hours from the theme park! 
When we got there, he told me to change into this blue gingham dress because it was going to be “hot at the theme park” and “it was just so cute” on me. Girls, be suspicious of a scheme if your bf buys you a dress, lol

So we jumped in an Uber “on our way to Lego Land” and I was told that we needed to make a quick pit stop to something really cool thing that Beckett had heard of… a life-sized Monopoly board! 
Turns out that boyfriend was a little more sneaky than he looked because he proposed to me as soon as I landed on the “Chance” card. And we got engaged, “eloped,” and lived happily ever after. The end. 

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