…down to the leather 


Handbag: Chanel (via Gilt, you need to sign up first to view) || Jacket: BCBG, old (similar from Halogen— color: Pink Hush) and Club Monaco || Leather Pants: Helmut Lang, similar || Shoes: Studded flats (options at multiple price points): Charlotte Russe, TorridYosi Samra, Jeffrey Campbell, & Valentino.
Yay! Can you believe Friday is finally here?! I wanted to share this outfit with you quickly before the weekend is here!
Warning: sorry for the overshare…
For my birthday this year, one of Beckett’s gifts to me was that I could pick out a new purse (because heaven knows I need more handbags) 😉 He thought I wanted a Burberry purse so he came up with an adorable poem about a knight on a handsome steed. It was a great poem, but I was a little slow to catch on! BUT it was very romantic and wonderful and once I understood what the poem meant I was SO excited!
It took me a good two months to pick out my new purse. I am a really slow decision maker because I like to be sure of what I want. For real, picking outfits takes awhile usually unless I have something on repeat… I take forever to pick my food unless I just go with my tried and true selection process… scan the seafood for shrimp, I know I like shrimp. I also hate spending a lot of $$$ on one thing (believe it or not). I am such a sale shopper– I RARELY buy anything less than 60% off…. call me cheap, I guess..? Exhibit A: My pants in the pictures were barely over $100.
For awhile I had my eye on a bag from Rebecca Minkoff, but I eventually realized that it would be ok to bite the bullet and splurge on a really nice bag– just this once. So I talked it over with the hubs and we ended up with the Chanel beauty above. I didn’t pay the [super high] price of the bag that is linked though because I found a better deal on www.GILT.com. Plus, I really wanted to find one from the time period when the hardware was still actual gold. I can’t believe they don’t use real gold anymore!
If you are thinking of buying designer handbags second hand, consider these five things:

  1. Just because a designer consignment site claims to sell authentic handbags doesn’t mean it does.
  2. Buy from a known, trusted, and carefully curated site.
  3. Know for sure what you want before you buy and if you can’t afford it… save up.
  4. Do your research.
  5. Make sure the bag still has the authentication card and a matching serial number on the sticker.

Hint: I learned that if you can sign up on a site to become a “seller” that’s a bad sign because no one is checking on the product.
I know all of this because I spent [way too much] time looking online before I got this one. I actually even ordered one off of a site (Tradesy) that I think has a lot of authentic things on it, but I also figured out that it has a lot of fakes too. So I decided that paying less for a handbag that might not be authentic is not worth it and so I just cancelled my order and opted for one I could be more sure about.
So anyway, hope you have a great night!

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