Tartan + Stripes

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tartan scarf

Scarf: homemade with fabric from Joann’s, similar by ARTE CASHMERE || Brooch: antique, a gift from my sweet husband for my birthday! || Sweater: old, similar by Caslon || Leggings: old, Ralph Lauren || Booties: old, similar style but suede from Zara!

In case you didn’t get the memo, it snowed here in MN yesterday. It was beautiful and felt magical, but of course it melted just as it came. Stay or go, we felt that snow was a definite photo op! 

As always, I had about a zillion layers on because I freeze my butt off at school if I don’t layer like crazy! And I basically always need a scarf to keep me cozy, but today I decided to put a pin in it. Literally! I have a little obsession with brooches right now because I love fun accessories and I am always looking for a way to add a little extra something to an outfit. 

I hope this gives you a little outfit inspiration for tomorrow! 



Ps – if you are still interested, the giveaway ends tomorrow and there are only a few entries! Enter now by clicking on this link (or the one above). The link will take you to the post where you can follow me, then let me know in the comment section below so that I know you entered!




Something for Everyone on the List:

Gifts for the Fam

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Im getting in the Christmas mood early this year and it is driving me nuts because I know in my head that there are still 2 months between me and that happy day. BUT… there are only 8 weekends left before we light the yule log and celebrate Christ’s birth!!! And to me, that means only one thing: I need to figure out Christmas gifts ASAP! haha

There are some pretty good sales going on right now at places like J. Crew & so I like to take advantage of them before prices are upped for the Christmas shopping season.

To help you out this year, I did some leg-work for you. I tried to cover a lot of different types of people, but I think I left out the tech-y boyish types. I know at least 2 of my brothers would probably enjoy a new iphone case instead of a sweater, but then again, maybe they need a new sweater…? 😉 Oh, or you could commission some fancy artwork by Yours Truly over at www.kelliewitzke.com! 🙂 OR you could just enter the GIVEAWAY for a FREE painting and then regift it. Or not. Who will know, right?

About the baby things: my lil sister is pregnant and her baby will be due sometime in Nov. so I am having so much fun looking at baby things for her! I just wish I knew if the baby would be a boy or a girl! I love the bunny and fox jackets + their prices are unbeatable (I saw some exactly like them this summer that were $140)!!!! Plus, those monogram Uggs? They’re so yummy! lol

I could go on about why I love everything else on here…

But I wont.

Have a great evening!



Fall in Love 

 Coat: H&M, old (similar Military Jacket) || Scarf: Burberry || purse: Kate Spade || Shoes: Sam Edelman 

Happy Friday! It’s been one heck of a week, but we made it!!!!! This’ll be just a super quick post due because we’re so busy, but I wanted to give you some outfit inspiration for tomorrow and encourage you to go enter the artwork GIVEAWAY ending NEXT Friday!!! Anyone can enter. Just follow me on here and on Instagram @the_classy_artist. Then comment on this post & you’re entered! 

Hope you have a great evening! 



…For Your Wednesday Enjoyment

Wednesday Inspiration

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Happy Hump Day! Today I wanted to bring you some of my favorite finds under $100. Actually, most are WAY under $100, so you wont blow your budget. I’m feeling a little under the weather lately so these things looked soooo good to me! Cozy sweaters, comfy pants, hot cocoa, a convenient carryall and comfy flats… does it get any better? Also, I couldn’t help but glam it up a bit with the gold pants and cute earrings! I’m a firm believer that cute accessories brighten up even the dullest days.

On another note, have you entered the giveaway? I had a few of you ask me where the “Follow” button is on the blog (it’s hard to find) so I wanted to give some better directions.

To enter:

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  3. Go down to the bottom of my last post and click on the comment icon (I think it is a circle with the # of comments on the post). Or you can get to the comments by clicking on the Giveaway post title and then scrolling down to the bottom of that page!

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a great Wednesday!





Today marks the start of the first giveaway here on The Classy Artist and I couldn’t be more excited to share it with you!!!

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3. When done with steps 1 & 2, comment to let me know that you’ve entered!!!

The winner will be announced Friday, October 30th– the day before Halloween!!!!! So be sure to check back then with further instructions on how to claim your prize! It’ll be just in time to show off the painting you won as part of your Thanksgiving decor! 🙂 Also, I know I have some international readers and I just decided you can enter too!

Thanks for reading! I can’t wait to hear from you!



A Crisp Autumn Outfit

plaid1 plaid2 plaid3

Shirt: JC Penny, old (similar here by Michael Stars) || Skirt: F21, sold out online (similar that I LOVE & are good prices: A.N.A. from JC Penny and Tommy Hilfiger at Macy’s) || Heels: similar here (the real deal– Valentino) and dupes– from Nordstrom here and here (Halogen) || Purse: a gift, Kate Spade || Belt: Old Navy, old (similar by Vince Camuto) || Sunnies: Betsy Johnson from Marshalls


After getting home from church last Sunday and putting on my yoga pants, we got a call from my sister-in-law and her friend who wanted to know if we were up for an apple orchard… and as usual, we were! I threw on my most comfy shirt and jeans & we were off to a cute little orchard/ pumpkin patch in Stillwater! Sometimes those yoga pants need a break too, you know?

My most comfy shirt: J. Crew linnen v-neck tee || My most comfy jeans:Vigoss Denim

Now I’m going to go paint! It’s MEA and I have not had time to sit down for a long period of time and really get down and dirty painting so I’m really excited for this!! Thanks for reading and have a SUPER happy FRIDAY!!!!