Top: old, from Sweden (similar style from L’Agence if you are a size 4, otherwise, this one from Nordstrom looks amazing!) || Pants: Vero Moda (similar style) || Heels: Lulu’s (similar style from Charles David) || Purse: Chanel, similar or budget option by Rebecca Minkoff 

What could be better than a plaid flannel for Fall?  Plaid heels, of course! And I found the perfect pair at the perfect price on Lulu’s awhile back and I had to have them… plus I was ordering something else and wanted free shipping… they get me every time. 😉 I wanted to wear them in a casual, not-so-Christmasy-way (because they are red + green) so I paired them with my good old leopard print blouse that never fails to look chic… even when not tucked in or accessorized in any special way. Oh, and if any of you are tall, the Vero Moda pants are my all time FAVS. They are absolutely perfect for me in length, waist, leg width… the list goes on! Plus, mine have a really cool zipper detail. This pair in the picture are old, but that’s the best part. I got them while I was living in Sweden, (which was over a year ago now!) and they’re still going strong. Maybe it is that leathery coating that keeps them looking good. Maybe. Either way, I love them!
This weekend is my sister-in-law’s bachelorette party in Nashville and I’m really excited to celebrate the end of her single life and the beginning of something wonderful! 🙂 Do you think these heels are Nashville-appropriate? Any advice on how to style them for a night out?
Love you all!
PS- I’ve been thinking about doing a giveaway! What do you think: artwork or statement piece? Comment below with your thoughts!

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