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Im getting in the Christmas mood early this year and it is driving me nuts because I know in my head that there are still 2 months between me and that happy day. BUT… there are only 8 weekends left before we light the yule log and celebrate Christ’s birth!!! And to me, that means only one thing: I need to figure out Christmas gifts ASAP! haha

There are some pretty good sales going on right now at places like J. Crew & so I like to take advantage of them before prices are upped for the Christmas shopping season.

To help you out this year, I did some leg-work for you. I tried to cover a lot of different types of people, but I think I left out the tech-y boyish types. I know at least 2 of my brothers would probably enjoy a new iphone case instead of a sweater, but then again, maybe they need a new sweater…? 😉 Oh, or you could commission some fancy artwork by Yours Truly over at! 🙂 OR you could just enter the GIVEAWAY for a FREE painting and then regift it. Or not. Who will know, right?

About the baby things: my lil sister is pregnant and her baby will be due sometime in Nov. so I am having so much fun looking at baby things for her! I just wish I knew if the baby would be a boy or a girl! I love the bunny and fox jackets + their prices are unbeatable (I saw some exactly like them this summer that were $140)!!!! Plus, those monogram Uggs? They’re so yummy! lol

I could go on about why I love everything else on here…

But I wont.

Have a great evening!



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