Today is a day to reflect on the things that we’re thankful for so here are the top 5 things I’m thankful for this year! 

  1. My handsome and funny hubby.the hubby
  2. My little fur-babies, Elsa & Dakota. elsa and dakota
  3. My little angel fur-baby, Sven.sven
  4. Our families. 
  5. A warm cozy home. 

Can I add one to the list? I just looked outside and snowflakes are gently swirling as they fall from the sky. Good thing we got our Christmas lights up last night! That roof is super tall and slippery! My palms were sweating just watching my hubby way up there, leaning over the edge as he put on the light clips! He was like Spiderman, minus the outfit (at least for yesterday). 

Happy Thanksgiving! 





Fur Gloves

Yesterday I posted about how to make this embellished beanie with a faux fur pom pom. And along with that, I also made some cute Kate Spade-inspired gloves!

Kate Spade inspired gloves
My version of the Kate Spade mittens

I based the gloves off of these adorable knit mittens with faux fur.

Kate Spade knit mittens with faux fur

Below is the video tutorial. Again, sorry about the low-quality video and lighting. I still haven’t figured this thing out!

Don’t forget to check out the Embellished Beanie Tutorial from yesterday if you haven’t already!




Embellished Beanie Tutorial


embellished beanie

Similar beanies: Club Monaco || Markus Lupfer || Magaschoni

To make this project, you will need: a beanie, beads or buttons, faux fur, a needle, cotton, sharp scissors, and thread to match the hat, beads, and fur.

Hiiii! I’m really excited/nervous to share with you the first video tutorial that I’ve ever made like this! I make some for my art classes sometimes, but I’m rarely visible in them. So this was nerve-racking, but fun.

If you know how to sew pretty well already, there’s a lot of stuff you can skip in this video, but I wanted to give some tips to help the process along if someone who’s new to sewing wants to try this! And like I say in the vid, if you try it or are going to try it soon, TELL ME!!! I would love to hear from you!

I was also going to put another tutorial up today on how to make these ADORABLE Kate Spade-esque gloves, but I ran out of time! They are done and I have the video, but I need to edit it down so you don’t get super bored watching me sew! 🙂

Have a great Thursday!!! IT’s ALMOST FRIDAY!!!


Unbelievably cute winter accessories (DIY tutorial soon!!!!)

fur winter

1. Club Monaco Embellished Wool Hat ||  2. Betsy Johnson Bling Beanie

3. Dena Earmuffs  ||  4. Kate Spade mittens

It’s cold. I have a cold (that’s lasted about 3 weeks now). And I just want fuzzy furry things to keep me warm and cozy. I’ve been seeing cute things like these 4 winter accessories being made by designers like the ones listed above and I really want all of them! But they’re all like $68 – $100 dollars and since I don’t think cute earmuffs should cost 100+ dollars, I’m going to do a tutorial THURSDAY (not tomorrow) on how to make each one of these for under $10. OK? Great. Now if you just want to buy them, w/e, but I’m a cheapo. There, I admitted it. Ok, so I’m not alwayyyys super thrifty, but sometimes I just cant. Like when something isn’t even real fur or cashmere. Why?

You should probably stop reading now because the rest of this post is basically just me “talking” to you because my husband can’t listen to me anymore. He has work to do. Haha…. Am I that wife?

So to those of you who are so over this post… Have a great day and I hope you check back tomorrow for the tutorial!!!!




MmmmK now that maybe one person is reading this….

I wanted to show some cozy winter accessories because I really can’t wait to wear cute winter accessories! My weather philosophy is: if it has to be cold, it should at least snow. Yeah, I’m one of thoooosee annoying people who like cold weather. I think my perspective changed a few years ago when I lived in Sweden. People just didn’t complain about the weather like we do here. I mean MAYBE someone would say something negative every once in awhile, but not as small talk! Like, if it’s freezing cold and snowing in Sweden people don’t walk up and say, “Hey, how ya doing? I hate the snow. Uhhhhhggghhhhh!!!!” Sound familiar? In fact, they have a saying, “no bad weather, only bad clothes,” (Meaning, dress appropriately and don’t complain). I guess you have to find ways to be positive  when it is dark and rainy all winter long!

Confession though: sometimes I pretend to be annoyed with the weather to make conversation. You know, like with a coworker (or someone) who’s complaining. lol. I don’t have time talk to many people at work since I travel between schools so when I do talk to people I try to be as…. unannoying as possible. Like this:

Debbie Downer: “Ugggggh, rain again? What happened to our 65 degree weather? I thought the weatherman said it would be in the upper 60s and sunny all week. Now my weekend is RUINED.”

Me: “Yeah, the weathermen never know this time of year, do they?”

In my head: Umm I ACTUALLY LOVE THE RAIN!!! In fact, I wish today could be Saturday so I could sit by a window all day with my sketchpad or a book and listen to the sound of the rain!

My only complaint when it rains is that it’s ALWAYS the day that I actually curl ma hairs and get all did up. And then my hair gets all wet, frizzy, icky, then flat. That’s my only complaint.

The hubs keeps tellin’ me to speak my mind more. Maybe next time someone complains about the weather I’ll just start being overjoyed about the weather and see what happens. Speaking of which, IT’S RAINING RIGHT NOW & I love it!!!!  Where’s my book and blanket? 

Tempo + Tassels

   Lipstick: Clinique || Earrings: Banana Republic || Bracelet: Banana Republic, mine already sold out, but I like this similar one! || Sweater: Banana Republic || Heels: old from BCBGeneration, but similar here || Purse: Chanel from (warning though: I haven’t seen one as nice as mine for a “decent” price since I found my bag… so if you’re in the market for one of these babies, check around first!)

Last Friday night, Beckett and I went to Orchestra Hall to enjoy MN Orchestra’s rendition of The Nightmare Before Christmas. I usually enjoy going to the orchestra, but I LOVED this performance!! They had the movie playing with no music (but there were words) and the orchestra played the score! It was like going to a movie theater, but better. Plus, the conductor and quite a few of the musicians dressed up for Halloween!

For my outfit, I kept things simple: black heels, pants, purse, and a grey sweater. The only pop of color was my red lipstick. Outfit details can be found in the links above. I love this sweater, it will be great with a red skirt and heels for Christmas parties too!

Have a great Thursday! 




And the winner is… 

… The Sneaky Slithery Snake!! 

Thanks for entering! To claim your prize, email me at with your name, shipping address, and where you plan to put this baby! 😊

Also thank you to all of you who follow this blog! I love doing the whole “blog thing” (it’s a fun creative outlet for me) + it’s a bonus to know that some of you are inspired by my ootds or are at least entertained!  🙂 

Anyway, I’m currently making dinner while I wait for the hubs to get home so this’ll be short n sweet. But I have to rant first because I don’t know how some of you ladies do it! I can never figure out what to make for supper!! I usually just end up with pasta (on tonight’s menu), Mac n cheese, grilled cheese, canned soup, or frozen pizza. Basically we eat like college students. Good thing my wonderful husband loves those foods and wouldn’t complain even if he didn’t, but they’re not healthy. 

I would love for some of you to share if you’ve figured out the whole cooking thing! 


The Cookless Artist