And the winner is… 

… The Sneaky Slithery Snake!! 
Thanks for entering! To claim your prize, email me at with your name, shipping address, and where you plan to put this baby! 😊

Also thank you to all of you who follow this blog! I love doing the whole “blog thing” (it’s a fun creative outlet for me) + it’s a bonus to know that some of you are inspired by my ootds or are at least entertained!  🙂 

Anyway, I’m currently making dinner while I wait for the hubs to get home so this’ll be short n sweet. But I have to rant first because I don’t know how some of you ladies do it! I can never figure out what to make for supper!! I usually just end up with pasta (on tonight’s menu), Mac n cheese, grilled cheese, canned soup, or frozen pizza. Basically we eat like college students. Good thing my wonderful husband loves those foods and wouldn’t complain even if he didn’t, but they’re not healthy. 
I would love for some of you to share if you’ve figured out the whole cooking thing! 
The Cookless Artist 

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