Zipper Happy

 Shirt: Rachel Zoe for Apeainthepod || Denim: AG jeans… Non maternity version here || Bracelet: from a local jeweler, but here’s another with a similar concept || Slippers: UGG Australia || Earrings: from Maurice’s (sold out), but these are adorable too! 
Idk about you, but I’m always in the mood for classic wardrobe staples, but I also like interesting details. So when my husband and I went maternity clothes shopping I couldn’t help but be attracted to this Rachel Zoe shirt. The zipper literally goes all the way across the collar! The sale helped with my decision to get it too. 
Can I rave about my pants for a sec? These jeans are the best maternity pants ever & they come normal too. 😊 They were on sale in the store (like 40% off I think), but worth it because I have been so uncomfortable in all of the other jeans I’ve tried on so far. ALL. Of. Them. So I might not take these off ever, Ok? Like I said, these pants come in maternity and regular styles… so I linked both above. I have to admit that I do miss my $35 American Eagle denim because 35 dollars… 
Hope your Saturday is fantastic! 

2 Comments to “Zipper Happy”

  1. howlynnaful says:

    Love how comfy your outfit looks, gorgeous!
    xo, Lynna / howlynnaful

  2. Beautiful pictures! I really like the zippers of the shirt!

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