gingham greenery

drawing3 drawing2Green Gingham: A Pea In The Pod Maternity & regular size from Stoosh || Denim: old (similar here)
As you might have gathered, drawing is my favorite pass-time. It helps me to enjoy these cold winter afternoons and to create beauty in my own way. I am so glad my hubby “forced” me into making the New Year’s resolution to draw for an hour each day. I usually go and sit in my art studio by the window and draw until the sun goes down and I see Beckett’s car pull into the garage. The other day Beckett brought home some colorful flowers from the grocery store for me so I brought them upstairs for the afternoon. Fresh flowers are my favorite way to brighten up a room! But I also love paintings of flowers because paintings don’t die, fade, or drop messy petals.
 This is the painting I’m working on right now. It’ll go up on my art website soon!
And here’s my mess… The best kind of messes!

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