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branch and pearl necklace bump style coach rockstud upclose
Blouse: 14th & Union via Nordstrom Rack, sold out ($14 H&M here!!) || Denim: these Jag Jeans aren’t maternity, but they still work (but this grey version though..) || Heels: Wild Diva Lounge || Necklace: Ann Taylor, old (similar here) || Bracelet: old (loving this one) || Earrings: BaubleBar (similar) || Handbag: Coach, old (a great spring color here)
After a long day at work there’s nothing like going home and putting on sweats, which is my ootn if you know what i mean. But I need to share this outfit with you that’s been on repeat over the past few weeks. I love wearing loose blouses like this one from 14th & Union because I still feel cute and classic even though I’m in the sixth month of pregnancy! But I recommend any of these items to “normal” girls too because they are super comfy but they look polished at the same time.
As far as maternity clothes have come from the tents of old, it’s still nice to feel human and girly and chic. On the other hand, pregnancy clothes make it a little more obvious that I’m pregnant and not just getting a pooch. Apparently a bunch of my former students were talking at lunch trying to figure out if I’m pregnant or getting fat (insert laughing cry face here). I feel like Jennifer Anniston in those trashy magazines… “Burrito grande or baby?” Baby, thankyouverymuch. Rude.
In other news, I/we are finally able to feel this little one’s kicks! My placenta is in the front so I couldn’t feel them as early as some women, but now that I feel them, boy do I feel them! For real. Today it was my bladder while I was teaching 7th graders and I shouldn’t share this on here but I almost peed. I didn’t though, thank the Lord.
Anyway, sorry for the tmi. Have a happy Friday!
PS-I meant to post this sooner, but the day got away from me… you know how that goes!

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