The Seven Love Languages?


The Hopeless Romantic 

Ideal Date: Dinner somewhere fancy yet intimate.

Dress: Asos + Heels: Romwe


The Classical Beauty  

Ideal date: A gourmet meal in a hot new restaurant.  

Dress: Asos + Heels: Blush Christian Louboutin 


The Adventurer  

Ideal date: A surprise adventure, of course! 

Sweater: Romwe, Jeans: AG Jeans, Flats: Asos Collection + Sunnies: Forever 21 


The Anti Valentine 

Ideal date: Netflix and chill. Life as usual, but flowers, chocolate, and a card are still a good idea.

Sneakers: Puma, Sunnies: Open Sky, Sweater: Romwe + Jeans: AG Jeans 


The Girly Girl  

Ideal date: A group date with close friends. 
Dress: Asos Collection + Shoes: Halogen 


The Prim and Proper  

Ideal date: Go to a museum, walk in a park, and then enjoy dinner at your favorite restaurant.  

Dress: Shoshanna + Heels: Asos 


The Homebody  

Ideal date: stay in bed all day with a good book, cozy blanket, bright flowers on the nightstand, and hot chocolate in hand.   

Nightie: Dahlia Pajamas, Fuzzy Socks: Free Press, Mug: ‘Mine,’ + Pillow: LevTex Forever & Always 

Left: N by Natori + Right: Ellen Tracey

 According to the books there are really only 5 Love Languages, but I think they missed a few because these 7 Valentine’s Day outfit ideas made me swoon. The best part is that they’re all pretty budget friendly (except for the Classical Beauty’s shoes– her love language must be Receiving Gifts). 😉 


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