PinkBlush Giveaway

ivory sequin sweater bricks pinkblush

Today I’m hosting a $75 PinkBlush giveaway! I’m a little jealous that I can’t enter, (I’ve already picked out my new favorites… see below) but that’s ok. I’ll live vicariously through you for now. 

What to do:

  1.  Head over to my Instagram account and follow me, @the_classy_artist.

  2. Comment on an Insta photo and tag a friend. Don’t be shy!

Follow those two simple steps and you’re entered to win a $75 PinkBlush gift card! I’ll pick the winner on Tuesday, April 12th (my 36 week mark!!!). Once I pick a winner I’ll contact you to get your first & last name along with your e-mail address. After that, PinkBlush will verify your eligibility, I’ll announce the winner, and PinkBlush will send you the gift card!

Limitations: you are not eligible to win if you already won a PinkBlush gift card in the last three months.


Three of my favorite Women’s PinkBlush items:

One / Two / Three

And here are more of my favorite maternity picks, one for each trimester:

PinkBlush Maternity by trimester

One / Two / Three

In case you missed it, don’t forget to check out my posts featuring the sequin sleeve sweater and the ivory & grey striped dress from PinkBlush! 

Brought to you by PinkBlush. All thoughts and opinions are my own


ivory + grey: 3 ways

 1. with blush accessories 

Ivory Grey Striped Dress PinkBlush

Ivory Grey Striped Dress and Pink Jacket Pink BlushIvory Grey Striped Dress with Pink Jacket

Dress: PinkBlush Maternity IVORY AND GREY STRIPED DRESS – Moto Jacket: BCBG, old (HOT PINK version BY BELLE + GREY or similar by URBAN OUTFITTERS) – Shoes: Aldo, old (hot pink version by SJP or nude colored by NINE WEST) – Clutch: Asos, sold out (similar HERE) – Hat: vintage from my grandma (newer felted hat HERE).

2. in its simplicity 

Ivory Grey Striped Dress 2

Dress: I’m linking it in burgundy here because it would go well with accessories in unexpected spring colors like pink or maybe even a bright lime green – Boots: Vince Camuto, old (Nine West made this similar pair at a good price!) – Purse: Kate Spade – Sunglasses: Michael Kors  

3. weather conscious 

Ivory Grey Striped Dress 3 Ivory Grey Striped Dress 1

Coat: older, similar by Michael Kors or budget friendly option by Leith – Other accessories linked above

Today I’m excited to show you three different ways to style this striped PinkBlush dress for spring! We Minnesotans know how quickly the weather can go from 70 and sunny to windy and rainy with a chance of snow. Those days are the worst, but that doesn’t always mean we have to get out those winter sweaters again. You just need to layer and accessorize with options that give more coverage, like knee-high boots for example.

I have to admit, I had my eye on some other PinkBlush dresses before making my order last week, but I really liked this one too. (There are so many cute options to choose from!!!) Then when I showed my hubby and sister the options, it was clear that the Ivory Grey Striped Dress was going to be the winner! My hubby recently mentioned that he wants me to dress more… playful and girly. Probably because I wear button-downs with sweaters and jeans to work almost every day. So I thought this dress was perfect: it can be more playful and girly with tennis shoes and a sweater or it can be cute and polished, depending on what accessories I put with it!

I imagine Look No. 1 is more for a casual date night/GNO/event outfit. If you follow along on here, you know I wear this blush moto jacket all the time and as soon as I saw the Ivory and Grey Stripe Dress I knew I would be wearing this jacket and dress combination together a lot! The matching accessories have been a “wardrobe must” for the past few years because the coordinating colors automatically make the look #ootd worthy.

Look No. 2 is your new go-to ensemble for the farmers’ market, errands, or a festival. It’s for days spent outside with a 75-degree-and-sunny forecast. I love how free and fun I felt in this. It is both simple– and yet such a style statement at the same time.

Last but not least we have look No. 3, which is specially tailored for those unpredictable April days coming our way in less than two weeks! Its for those errands and events that are totally casual, but you want to feel and look like a millionbucks and still be warm. Dress. Boots. Trench. Lipstick. Sunnies. Grab purse. Go.
Brought to you by PinkBlush Maternity

PinkBlush Sequin Sweater

All Dressed Up:

ivory sequin sweater bricks pinkblush
sequin sweater pinkblush sequins on bench

Ivory Sequin Sweater

Sweater: Ivory Sequin from PinkBlush – Jeans: Target Maternity  – Heels: Satin Heels, old (similar style here) – Handbag: Vintage (but I found a super similar bag from Target) – Sunglasses: Betsy Johnson (similar by Vince Camuto) – Lips:  Dior Addict Pink

Casual and Comfy:

sequin sweater in car


Sweater: I’m linking the pink one here – Shoes: Keds by TSwift (similar here), but these sequin ones are my current favs – Handbag: Michael Kors (I put my computer in this bag and carry it between schools every day), love this bag too

Today I’m teaming up with an adorable online boutique called PinkBlush to bring you an incredibly versatile look that I know you’ll love as much as I do! Isn’t this sweater perfect for spring?! I appreciate how easy it is for this sweater to switch between fancy and casual. Oh, and it comes in two other colors: a beautiful pink and mint green that I adore. When trying to choose which sweater to get I ultimately decided on Ivory because I love to fill my wardrobe with classic colors that match almost everything. But I can’t stop thinking about that mint green/sequins combo… I can think of so many ways to wear that!

I don’t think the sweater fits like Maternity at all. I might have one of my sisters try it on over the weekend and see how I think it fits a non-prego girl. I’ll snap a pic and put it on Insta if I do. Anyway, I ordered the sweater in a size S/M because I wanted it to be more fitted since my only sweaters that fit me right now are oversized. I plan to wear it even after Baby Witzke arrives in May!

Sorry, I have to gush for a min. because I am so happy to have found more cute maternity clothes at a descent price point. PinkBlush has Maternity, Women’s, and Plus size styles that are so perfect for Spring! There’s also a sale going on that ends tonight (3/23) at Midnight. Use code HALFOFF to get 50% off of clearance items (including this sweater!!!).

Stay tuned Wednesday to see how I styled another adorable piece from PinkBlush! It’s really cute!

Brought to you by PinkBlush Maternity 



Day Date Look 

Shoes: sold out, similar here • Purse: vintage, similar look • Jeans: pull-on style • Military jacket: H&M from Sweden, but similar here • Lace jacket: Rachel Zoe from Macy’s a long time ago, but I found this budget-friendly option and this show-stopper. The second lace jacket is kinda hard to see in the picture, but up close it looks absolutely lovely. 

We officially started month eight this week and I’m feeling it in my hips, back, belly, and everywhere else. Oh, and I have the strongest urge to clean and get the house organized! I don’t know if that’s nesting mode or just my type-A personality. 😋

About the outfit: these shoes and the lace jacket are some of the easiest winter- spring transition pieces because they give coverage while indulging my need for lighter layers and colors. I hadn’t planned on wearing the military jacket, but then I got a little chilly after a breeze picked up. It’s always good to have layers on-hand in the Midwestern Spring!  One day it’s literally 70 degrees and the next thing you know there’s snow again! 

 Stay warm! 

Xo, Kellie 

Retro Chic





 Dress/top: Topshop, but I couldn’t find it online so I’m linking a cute kinda similar blouse and another fun dress. ••• Skirt: Brea Basic jersey knit midi ••• Boots: Jessica Simpson ••• Sunglasses: target ••• Handbag: Coach

If I were to drag Beckett back outside to retake these photos I probably wouldnt pair these round glasses with the 70s-looking print. It just looks a little too much like a flashback, but I couldn’t help myself. 

I am loving the caramel-tone neutrals for spring/summer because they have a warmer hue and pair unexpectedly with pastels and bright colors. 

Whatever category this dress (or is it a top?) falls into, I 💗 it! It’s not maternity so it’s superduper tight on me, but I look forward to when it hangs looser like it would on you regular human people. 😉 The back is to die for, but I forgot to have Beckett take a picture of it. From the back it kinda looks like the dress is a skirt and cropped shirt. It’s really flattering. If I find the real dress, I’ll link it right away! It was from Nordstrom Rack and I know they tend to run outta things, but I can’t imagine I bought the very last one ever. 

Anyway, I hope you have a better-than-normal day and that you enjoy my cheesy pics! 😆



Op Art 

Skirt: Wayf  ••• Sweater: Sold out, NIC + ZOE••• Heels: Jessica Simpson ••• Clutch: Asos

I’m calling this my op art skirt because where it stretches over my belly it looks like these op art paintings.

I was so embarrassed in one of my 7th grade art classes the other day. The walkways between tables are small so getting around kids without bumping them is becoming more difficult every day.  I think I’ve accidentally hit this one girl with my belly every day for the last two weeks. It’s hard to know how big I am when it changes almost every day! That girl might need therapy after this. Or maybe I will. 😜