Sorry about the low quality video. I think my phone camera lens needs cleaning. 
 Sketch from our date last weekend. 
One of the reasons why I don’t get a ton done. Am I talking about Elsa or the TV? Kidding. 
Sorry, this one’s sideways. 
 Hardy Gallery @ Anderson Dock, Door County. 
Lately life has been crazy. We’ve been working on getting ready for Baby Witzke, working a ton, doing an hour of art/writing each day, living through a stressful everything’s-going-wrong bathroom remodel, and being sick for weeks on end. First world problems, I know. But through it all, my sweet hubby, Our faith, my art, and our little furbabies have helped keep me sane. 
It helps that (slowly but surely) our bathroom is taking shape. I can’t wait to take a nice long bath and not have to use the powder room bathroom when I have to pee 10,000 times each night. 
Is this time of year stressful for you too? How do you keep yourself sane?

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