Retro Chic





 Dress/top: Topshop, but I couldn’t find it online so I’m linking a cute kinda similar blouse and another fun dress. ••• Skirt: Brea Basic jersey knit midi ••• Boots: Jessica Simpson ••• Sunglasses: target ••• Handbag: Coach

If I were to drag Beckett back outside to retake these photos I probably wouldnt pair these round glasses with the 70s-looking print. It just looks a little too much like a flashback, but I couldn’t help myself. 

I am loving the caramel-tone neutrals for spring/summer because they have a warmer hue and pair unexpectedly with pastels and bright colors. 

Whatever category this dress (or is it a top?) falls into, I 💗 it! It’s not maternity so it’s superduper tight on me, but I look forward to when it hangs looser like it would on you regular human people. 😉 The back is to die for, but I forgot to have Beckett take a picture of it. From the back it kinda looks like the dress is a skirt and cropped shirt. It’s really flattering. If I find the real dress, I’ll link it right away! It was from Nordstrom Rack and I know they tend to run outta things, but I can’t imagine I bought the very last one ever. 

Anyway, I hope you have a better-than-normal day and that you enjoy my cheesy pics! 😆




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