Nursery details

  Crib: Pottery Barn Kids •  Basket: Home Goods (the bottom is silver metallic) • Bear hamper: Home Goods (similar owl here 😍) • Rug: HomeGoods, similar here • Curtains: Wayfair (similar) • Beefeater prints: Beckett’s childhood bedroom, but I love this Albrecht Durer print!
  Changing table: Pottery Barn Kids • Knight: Beckett’s childhood room • Mirror: Home Goods • Chair: Beckett’s 
 Here’s a sketch I did awhile back of how we wanted it to look. I think it’s pretty dang close! We’re planning to put a rocking chair where the knight is and we’ll put the knight in the corner by the closet instead. 
  “is dis all mine? ”
“Sanks. I fits purrrrfect.”   
“What, mom, you’re going to have another kitty?” 😿
Thankful for my sister-in-law and brother-in-law who helped install the new closet organizers! You both are so wonderful!  

These Swedish blocks are my favorite purchase from last summer before we even planned on having a baby! But I also REALLY like these Chinese baby building blocks. I think that’s genius, but I wouldn’t know how to pronounce anything so idk if that would help Baby Witzke!! 😁 
I hope you have a happy Friday! 
💗, Kellie 

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