Blue or Pink

Dress: LAUNDRY BY SHELLI SEGAL, necklace: I couldn’t find it, but this one is about the same price and is stunning, dala horse bracelet: ANNAVIKTORIA, sunglasses: TARGET, heels: NINE WEST, tote: KATE SPADE NY
Yesterday we had a baby shower for our little one. The party was so much fun and such a huge blessing. My aunt hosted and it was a ton of fun. An old friend even showed up with her baby boy and we had tons of laughs! I can’t wait for our babies to meet and play like we did when we were little! Except they won’t be playing with giant Barbies and dressing up like princesses! lol 
In case you missed it the ultrasound says we’re having a boy!! I’m a little nervous about this though, we banked a lot off of a fuzzy little black & white picture! What if it was a fluke and the tech misinterpreted the image?!? Either way, we get to find out the gender with 100% certainty within the next two weeks and we couldn’t be more excited! 
If you know me you know I’m pretty impatient and waiting 8.5 months for this little guy has been so difficult. these last two weeks are going to feel like an eternity! I just want him here so we can meet him. These must be typical mom-to-be feelings… But my other feelings seem a little selfish to me. For example, I want these aches, pains, and strains to heal sooner than later and to be able to take my body back. I want to walk normal again. I don’t know how some women do this pregnancy thing over & over. I’ll let you know if I figure it out, but as of right now my conclusion is that they’re crazy. 😳
Tomorrow will be 38 weeks and I’m hoping he makes an appearance soon if he’s ready, I know I am! We just got all of the baby laundry done, finished the bathroom construction, cleaned the house, organized the basement, cleaned the cars, packed our hospital bags, and sterilized the baby bottles. Moms out there, can you think of anything else to add to that list? What did you do for meals after the baby was born?
Xo, Kellie 

4 Comments to “Blue or Pink”

  1. Shanna says:

    Hey love, it was so fun to see you and I can’t wait for you boys to be friends, (minus the princesses) ha!
    I did a lot of frozen croc pot meals before Eli was born then we had some good things to eat after!

    1. I know! And that’s such a good idea to do crockpot meals! I’ll have to look some up on Pinterest tonight!

  2. Peyton Witzke says:

    The Witzke kitchen is always open & delivery is free 🙂 We have ideas a cookin’ !

    1. Haha, you Witzkes are so on the ball and sweet!

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