…nordstrom anniversary sale (men’s edition)… 

Sperry Gold Cup LLT sneaker 

Timberland Earthkeepers ‘Groveton’ sneakers

John Varvatos ‘Schooner’ boat shoe

Trim fit buffalo check sport shirt 

Bonobos Slim Fit Dot Print Sport Shirt

‘stay RVCA’ slim fit pants

It’s that time of year again. The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale starts July 22. And in case you haven’t heard it’s a really good sale! Most years I’ve waited to buy things we need until this sale rolled around. It’s a good way to get quality clothing at a good price. 

My hubby, Beckett, has a lot of nice clothes already (even shirts that still fit him from high school), but every once in awhile we find a few new things he can use. For example, the John Varvatos boat shoes (above). While we were at the lake over the Fourth of July he finally had to say goodbye to his beloved slip on shoes because they got wet, had a growing hole in the toe, and looked like something ‘Shaggy’ from Scooby-Doo would wear. (Sorry, honey.)

The other two shoes are pairs that I thought would look amazing on Beckett. Same with the pants and buffalo check shirt. And that dot print shirt… Well I just really like it! 

Anyway, I’ll try to do a update on life soon. It’s been crazy between my dad haiving a bad waterski accident and Wolfie growing up so much every day! I feel like I can’t keep up!

Have a great day, loves! 

Xo, Kellie 


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