…life lately…

 Things have been crazy lately. Beckett officially went back to work in September after living the life of a teacher that summer, I officially didn’t go back to work and am a stay at home mama (SAHM). I’ve been working a lot on my art and making menu signs to sell on my etsy shop and at craft fairs. Of course I’ve also been busy blogging and caring for Wolfie. 
Here’s some art I made recently:

a monogram watercolor with gold leaf lettering I made as a wedding gift.

…And a sign….

Oh and this painting was featured on a popular Instagram feed @kimhazel 

We’ve been swimming a lot lately…

The kitchen was remodeled (aka, I remodeled the kitchen). More on that in the image caption.

Kitchen remodel from older post.

We went to my college bestie’s wedding:

Where I got to hang out with the best of the best.
And had lots of extended family time (both sides, but my side is pictured because they were on my phone) 

Beckett is the sweetest. My dad’s shoulder was hurting at Sarah’s big XC meet so Beckett volunteered to help! 

Granny played with the grandkids…

My dad was able to hold Wolfie again and we’re so blessed that he has so much mobility in his arms. 

Dad, your progress is amazing!

That’s our life lately in a nutshell, with some major exclusions so sorry 🙂 more will come later.




3 steps to looking equestrian chic


Sweater: Banana Republic (last year) other fringe sweaters by Care of You, Design History feather sweater ($30 b/c it’s last call at Neiman Marcus!!!!), Le Full, TJ Maxx, Simply Be (good price!), and Tanya Taylor (expensive, but lovely) | Button down: Banana Republic (old) cool, classic and inexpensive version here!  | Jeggings: Maurices but similar by Joe Fresh that also look super comfy | Boots: Vince Camuto (older) Ivanka Trump, American Eagle (under $70), Burberry (<—these are OMGoodness boots…) and Burberry dupes for under $100 by Steve Madden and Asos | Sunnies: Prada | Neck tie: Asos

Wolfie’s onesie: Andy and Evan 


1. snag a pair of boots that will last years

Hey chicas! I’m finally sitting down to write this post while I feed my little sleepeater pictured above! He’s so sweet right now with his tiny fingers balled up into fists and his legs propped up on me. I have to run errands soon, but I don’t want to disturb this precious moment.

Before I head out, I want to share this outfit with you, particularly the boots I found for this season! Mine are older and getting a little worn out, but we can’t afford new ones right now and mine are still fine. My last pair actually got a hole in the sole so I almost took them to a cobbler in Sweden (where I lived at the time), but decided not to since I needed to make room in my luggage for the move back. 😦 These ones are suede and really nice, but they’re starting to wear through the bottoms and the suede leather is looking a little scuffed at the toes.

I highly recommend investing in a real leather pair (like some that I linked above) this season if you haven’t already because you can get so much wear out of them! I got the pair in the pictures over 3 years ago now and wear them almost every day.

horse-riding-outfit-for-fall-transitional-outfit-for-fall-weather-equestrian-look-holding-baby-boy-in-air-playing-mother-son-mom-and-child2. layer a unique sweater over a button down…

One closet staple of mine that I wear nearly every day is a button down shirt. I may have a ton of them, but I always feel like I can always have more… because I get so much use out of them. The trick to making them look sophisticated is to always layer them under a sweater in the cooler months. Unique sweaters are a fun way to add a special flair to this classic look.


Sweater: Banana Republic (last year) other fringe sweaters by Care of You, Design History feather sweater ($30 b/c it’s last call at Neiman Marcus!!!!), Le Full, TJ Maxx, Simply Be (good price!), and Tanya Taylor (expensive, but lovely) | Button down: Banana Republic (old) cool, classic and inexpensive version here!  | Jeggings: Maurices but similar by Joe Fresh that also look super comfy | Boots: Vince Camuto (older) Ivanka Trump, American Eagle (under $70), Burberry (<—these are OMGoodness boots…) and Burberry dupes for under $100 by Steve Madden and Asos | Sunnies: Prada | Neck tie: Asos

Wolfie’s onesie: Andy and Evan 

3. add a necktie accessory…

If you’re a regular reader or follow me on IG, you already know my obsession with these things. I could probably find a way to wear a necktie every day. Or at least some sort of a bow around my neck! Sometimes I’ll put one on and realize it adds too much to an outfit, but more often than not it is that perfect touch that brings an outfit from “meeeeh” to “wow” in an instant.




**  There are affiliate links throughout this post that make it easier for you to find things. You won’t pay any extra to shop through the links, but I will make a few cents when you click and purchase items. I TRULY appreciate your support and love here on the blog, you people rock!

Bomber + Burgundy

** edited: i lost some of the photos off of the site from technical difficulties so some are missing. 😦

This outfit is the perfect date night or casual event outfit because it’s easy to wear and the pieces are not fussy. This white twist hem shirt from Stateside is a fun twist on a classic and the lace bomber is not only popular right now, but it’s also a classier version of a sporty trend. I got my jacket almost 5 years ago and wear it each Fall because 1) lace never goes out of style and 2) it’s a great thing to throw on over a tee in the fall.

I put this outfit together because we were going out at 10pm to see my sis-in-law’s cheer for her school’s homecoming cheer night. It was supposed to be a very chill event so I changed my shoes last minute to my fav Jessica Simpson booties that I wear ALL THE TIME.

Wolfie and I ended up watching the cheers from outside of the gymnasium because it was so loud, but it reminded me of my college years. Awww! I wasn’t super into school spirit when I attended The University of Minnesota, but I was really involved in the student group, Cru, so it made me think of the fun things we did on our retreats. It made me miss being involved in a group and being on leadership teams.

When we left Beckett said, “[being on campus] doesn’t make me miss being in school, but I saw a girl working on homework and it made me miss having homework to do.” Lol! We are so weird because I totally agreed! I think we need to challenge ourselves more. Does anyone else get like that?

Lace Bomber Jacket: Rachel Roy (old, similar by Dorthy Perkins under $45 or burgundy lace bomber by Vila) || Pants: Vero Moda (from Sweden, similar from JCPenny under $30) || Shirt: Twisted hem by Stateside from Nordstrom Rack (under $25) || Heels: older, similar from Guess with a cute lace up bow detail || Purse: Willow Floral Mercer Satchel by Coach || Earrings: Old from Target, but THESE BaubleBar earrings are the best ever!!!!!!

Here’s a pic of the earrings I linked above! They’re only $34 and would make a great gift if you Christmas shop early!

Ok, love  you all!



Studded Denim Jacket: How To (well, kinda)

** edited i lost some of the photos off of the site from technical difficulties so some are missing. 😦

Hello again darlings! Denim jackets have been back for a few years now, but I am usually a little late to the party. I think it’s always good to wait awhile (but not too long) to see if it’s worth buying into a trend. And I also like seeing updates to trends. For example, now studded denim is the thing to do.


I’m always up for a little extra bling in my life so the studs were a happy addition to this classic piece!

As you will see below, this studded denim jacket is already a repeat offender this Fall. It’s so perfect for the chillier mornings and evenings and it’s fun that it has a little glam element to it.

Look no. 1 (above)

Jacket: thrifted and DIYed like explained below. Similar here. || Shirt: Madison & Berkeley || Jeggings: old, but similar here || Booties: Jessica Simpson || Handbag: Coach, I also like this one that looks like cheetah print and is a great investment piece that you could use all the time!

Look no.2 changes

Shirt: an oldie, but goodie (similar here that I like a lot) || Pants: Vero Moda (I bought these in Sweden and they are my all time favorite pants. When they wear out I’ll be so sad)!

I got the jacket at a thrift store for less than $10 and the iron on studs for 2.99/pack. They have some really cute options there. My favoritesare the lion heads and the flowerish looking studs. However, I couldn’t find them anywhere online so I’m linking other adorable options below.

This was originally going to be a how-to  but after I started making it, I realized that it didn’t need a tutorial as long as you can iron!

So here’s what it looked like half way through. Just be sure to follow the directions on the back of the packets.


Cute iron on studsGold & Silver from Joann Fabrics || Pyramid and circular adhesive studs (no iron needed) || Gold Pyramid studs from Etsy

 What I did:

1. Stick the studs where you want them, then lay a thin towel over the studs while you iron them on the front for 60 seconds.

2. Then let cool and flip over to the back. Iron for 30 seconds. Don’t iron for too long.

3. Let cool and you’re ready to wear it!

Let me know if you’re gonna try it!



5 Ways to Stay Classy in Flannel


fall-booties-plaid-shirt-classic-style-classy-fashion-the-classy-artist-with-old-navy-vest-cute1. Layer a vest or chic sweater over the shirt to add another stylistic element into the mix. Layers=good. I love this vest because of the gold zipper and perfect fit.


2. Pair it with a seasonally appropriate color of pants instead of blue jeans. Why does this work? Everyone expects you to look like that classic farm girl in flannel and jeans, but you don’t have to! Add some unexpected pants or a skirt in a fun color (my favorite color skirt to wear with plaid is hot pink).


3. Jazz things up with a bow or sparkly, expensive looking jewelry! You can never go wrong with bows or pretty jewelry.

(I had to add this pic above because… ponytail flip. lol)fall-trends-classic-style-with-plaid-shirt-and-vest-old-navy-ag-jeans-and-wedges

4. Add heels (or at least booties). If you’re on your feet all day like I was as a teacher, I recommend wedges or a comfy pair of the chunky heeled booties that are popular now. If you just cannot wear heels for whatever reason, there are TONS of stylish booties out this Fall

5. Do sleek, gorgeous hair and Makeup. Think glam curls & a smoky eye. For example, MY hair in this post looks horrendous and is not how you want your hair to look when you wear plaid. Believe it or not, I had gorgeous curls, a side braid, and lots of volume before we shot this…. in the rain. YES, it was raining. I don’t know if you can tell from the pictures, but there was a light sprinkle happening at that time– something the weather’s been doing a lot these days here in sunny MN. I thought I could beat the humidity by wearing a curled ponytail instead of my hair down like I normally do, but alas… hair fail. 😛


An alternative title for this post could be How to Not Look Like You Were Raised in a Barn While Wearing One of Fall’s Most Popular Trends: Flannel, but that would have been too long. And I decided it wasn’t good to insult barn dwellers right in the title of my post. But if you were raised in a barn, please comment below and tell me what it is like to sleep with such noisy animals. 😉

Outfit details:

Flannel shirt: 6pm.com || Vest: Old Navy || Pants: old, from my sis-in-law but I REALLY LOVE THESE  because they would be a surefire way to dress up plaid! But if you’re not in to the leather look, here are some very similar to mine for under $60 || Booties: last season Dolce Vita, here’s the updated style under $50 (real leather!!) || Cross body: vintage Coach, newer version here, less expensive (yet AMAZING) style here  and $50 real leather style here || Bow: mine is from my grandma, but they’re selling them now at places like F21 and Urban Outfitters || Earrings: BaubleBar from last year, similar here! I regret not getting a better shot of the earrings, but I haveta tell yuh– I recommend the BaubleBar brand because their earrings are so adorable and well made. Having quality jewelry is important to me because I’m allergic to nickel and cheap jewelry has a coating that wears off after a few times wearing the jewelry and then my ears literally bleed. Sorry, tmi, but true.

Ok, cue stories of barns…




Mood Swings


Its no secret that Minnesota has unpredictable weather. One day you’re sweating it out in shorts and a t-shirt, the air conditioner’s on full blast, and the sun is relentless. The next day, you wakeup, pull on that favorite knit sweater, bust out the fuzzy socks, and consider turning on the heat. And it’s not even October yet!

Such weather also necessitates attempting Barefoot Blonde braids to keep those nasty frizzies under wraps.

To combat these crazy weather mood swings from last week, Wolfgang and I cuddled up in cozy sweaters, socks, and comfy pants! Yeah, my pants look like jeans, but they feel like sweatpants because they are pull-ons –that’s right, just like Wolfie’s ;). They arent those cheaply made, thin jeggings you see on infomercials either. They are a strong blend of polyester, cotton, and spandex that holds its shape well. I got this pair in Philadelphia over a year ago and they even got me through most of my pregnancy! They started to not fit in the seventh month though. I love them so much and was afraid I stretched them out when I was pregnant, but they still fit perfect. And they’ll still fit when I lose the rest of the pregnancy weight too!

Ok, full outfit details below!

Sweater: Cardi is from Banana Republic, but is out of stock, so here’s a similar one from TJ MaXx and a style I’ve loved for years from Nordstrom and a similarly cut sweater you can get at Khols (all under $25)!!!!!!!!

Tunic: This Old Navy tunic is amazingly comfy, flattering, and I like the side slit detail (under $17).

Jeans: Jag Jeans and I can’t resist linking this khaki green pair too. Look at how cute they are!

Boots: Hunters in matte black, but I’m dying over this floral pattern and you can’t beat a classic green or deep red!

P.s. I found my jeans on sale for $19, but the regular price doesn’t seem so bad to me since I know how much wear I’m getting out of them. However, I found them for nearly that price again at Nordstrom Rack, but they are black skinny jeans instead of the classic blue. I really like black skinnies though because they can sophisticate a look without being actually dressy.