Beastly to Beautiful: Our Kitchen Reveal

kitchen-before-update-for-reveal-from-ugly-oak-cabinets-to-painted-beautiful-grey-kitchen-cabinets-diy-copy-copyWe bought our house two years ago because we loved the woodsy backyard, the 3200 sq. feet, the five bedrooms, and the potential we saw. But we certainly did not buy it for the kitchen. In fact, I despised that room since the moment we moved in.

We’ve been talking about moving lately. Just because. And one thing I decided I really didn’t want to do was to remodel the kitchen only to move out RIGHT away and have no time to enjoy it. I’m so thankful that I get to enjoy our new space, whether we stay here for 1 month or another 2 years!

So, after a whole month of working like crazy and trying to save everything I could in the kitchen, everything came together and looks amazing. It’s crazy how different it looks and feels. We have so much more space and storage. The room is bright and inviting and easy to maneuver even with two cooks


In my mind, these pictures don’t do the former set up justice for how terrible it truly was. The dishwasher used to almost hit the island when we opened it. It was so cramped. It was what, well, basically everyone would call a “one cook kitchen.” Now there’s room to walk around because added more cupboards and moved the island, stove and microwave over 1′ each!

I also added wainscoting panels to the island and stained it a darker color.

To open things up on the windowless wall, I took out the pantry. That left room for us to scoot the island over. I love how the open shelves turned out along this wall.

To make up for lost pantry space we added in new, skinnier pantries and a coffee bar on an empty wall (opposite the stove).


We kept the kitchen sink and faucet. I had to have my handy, (formerly) little brother Steven come over and help me unhook the plumbing. I am terrified of plumbing things. But he helped me and showed me how to hook it back up so I was able to reinstall it myself.

Thank you Steven!kitchen-before-and-after-oak-cabinet-makeover-paint-ugly-cabinets-grey-kitchen-remodel-diy-3

We didn’t have anywhere to hang aprons before so this is my little apron corner. To make this I used some old wood I had sitting around, added hooks, and screwed it into the studs! I love it!

And that’s all for now, Folks!

But before I go change a stinky diaper, I need to thank my husband. Without his support and help, none of this could have happened!

Babe, if it weren’t for you I would have cried every day, but I didn’t because I didn’t want to freak you out. I also didn’t want you to think I couldn’t finish what I started! 🙂



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  1. Caitlin Grandell says:

    Looks great!!

    1. Thank you Caitlin! I hope this school year is fantastic already!
      That little baby of yours is so precious, BTW!!!

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