Mood Swings


Its no secret that Minnesota has unpredictable weather. One day you’re sweating it out in shorts and a t-shirt, the air conditioner’s on full blast, and the sun is relentless. The next day, you wakeup, pull on that favorite knit sweater, bust out the fuzzy socks, and consider turning on the heat. And it’s not even October yet!

Such weather also necessitates attempting Barefoot Blonde braids to keep those nasty frizzies under wraps.

To combat these crazy weather mood swings from last week, Wolfgang and I cuddled up in cozy sweaters, socks, and comfy pants! Yeah, my pants look like jeans, but they feel like sweatpants because they are pull-ons –that’s right, just like Wolfie’s ;). They arent those cheaply made, thin jeggings you see on infomercials either. They are a strong blend of polyester, cotton, and spandex that holds its shape well. I got this pair in Philadelphia over a year ago and they even got me through most of my pregnancy! They started to not fit in the seventh month though. I love them so much and was afraid I stretched them out when I was pregnant, but they still fit perfect. And they’ll still fit when I lose the rest of the pregnancy weight too!

Ok, full outfit details below!

Sweater: Cardi is from Banana Republic, but is out of stock, so here’s a similar one from TJ MaXx and a style I’ve loved for years from Nordstrom and a similarly cut sweater you can get at Khols (all under $25)!!!!!!!!
Tunic: This Old Navy tunic is amazingly comfy, flattering, and I like the side slit detail (under $17).
Jeans: Jag Jeans and I can’t resist linking this khaki green pair too. Look at how cute they are!

Boots: Hunters in matte black, but I’m dying over this floral pattern and you can’t beat a classic green or deep red!

P.s. I found my jeans on sale for $19, but the regular price doesn’t seem so bad to me since I know how much wear I’m getting out of them. However, I found them for nearly that price again at Nordstrom Rack, but they are black skinny jeans instead of the classic blue. I really like black skinnies though because they can sophisticate a look without being actually dressy.

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