…life lately…

Things have been crazy lately. Beckett officially went back to work in September after living the life of a teacher that summer, I officially didn’t go back to work and am a stay at home mama (SAHM). I’ve been working a lot on my art and making menu signs to sell on my etsy shop and at craft fairs. Of course I’ve also been busy blogging and caring for Wolfie.
Here’s some art I made recently:


a monogram watercolor with gold leaf lettering I made as a wedding gift.


…And a sign….

Oh and this painting was featured on a popular Instagram feed @kimhazel

We’ve been swimming a lot lately…
The kitchen was remodeled (aka, I remodeled the kitchen). More on that in the image caption.

Kitchen remodel from older post.

We went to my college bestie’s wedding:

Where I got to hang out with the best of the best.
And had lots of extended family time (both sides, but my side is pictured because they were on my phone)

Beckett is the sweetest. My dad’s shoulder was hurting at Sarah’s big XC meet so Beckett volunteered to help! 
Granny played with the grandkids…

My dad was able to hold Wolfie again and we’re so blessed that he has so much mobility in his arms.
Dad, your progress is amazing!

That’s our life lately in a nutshell, with some major exclusions so sorry 🙂 more will come later.

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  1. These paintings and artworks are all so pretty! Such a lovely post 🙂

  2. Omg you made those pieces girly?! You are amazingly talented!! Thank you so much for sharing! xo, Roselyn

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