…ah-maze-ing outfit inspiration for your fall adventures…

laughing-at-corn-maze-with-old-navy-coach-american-eagle-shorts-nordstrom-rack-sweaterI think Wolfie’s socks are so adorable– I just had to point them out! They are bears with the arms and legs on them! wolfie-airplane-darker-pic
Beckett’s sweater: similar two tone | Pants: True Religion | Shoes: Puma in navy and camel
Wolfie’s sweater: Similar (for tottlers) and a version for baby boys too
My vest: Old Navy | Shorts: American Eagle, similar that are light and dark versions | Booties: similar with tassels, an investment version, a lower heel version, and a higher heel | shirt: similar with a pocket from J Crew, in a lighter tan/brown, and a classic neautral.
We can’t stop looking at our little boy… we’re still such newbie parents! 🙂 I try to be lax about things, but it’s difficult!daddy-holding-wolife
I recently started nannying some kids as a side hustle (and still watch Wolfgang at the same time) and every day I fight the urge to tell them to wash their hands every time they get near him. I’m such a germophobe, it’s bad! I only let myself tell them to wash their hands once after school if they want to play with him. 
Normal Kellie would want them to wash like every 10 minutes, but I know he needs to build his immune system so I’m trying to be relaxed about these things! old-navy-vest-with-american-eagle-shorts-and-free-people-shirt-in-corn-maze-with-wolfie
Sometimes I feel like Monica on friends, telling myself, “I’m kooky, I can be KOOKY!” Except it’s with germs.


Wolfie really wanted to take Papa’s glasses.

On another note, our favorite fall adventure here in MN includes a trip to a the corn maze: hence the title of the post. It’s so fun to go– with or without kids! The one we go to each year has a corn play pen where kids can literally swim in corn, a corn maze that turns into a picture from above, and a big bounce pad to jump on. It’s so fun and def. makes me want to be 10 years old again!
What’s your favorite fall tradition?

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