Best How to wear a choker in 2016 without looking…

… too scandalous or too 1990s/2005.

I think (for most girls) a good rule of thumb is that the choker should be 4″ or less away from the collar of your shirt in at least two points. I personally would always shoot for 3″ or less. Does that make sense? I’ll show you below.


Notice how I didn’t include a scoop neck or an off-the shoulder top? I’ll explain more on why I don’t like that look below. But first, here are my tips on wearing a choker¬†as an in-the-moment fashion statement.

1.Wear it with a crew-neck chunky sweater like the first drawing above.

2. Wear it with a deep narrow v-neck shirt.

3. Wear it with a slightly unbuttoned button down.

Hint to keeping it 2016: don’t wear a choker with an off-the-shoulder top unless you know what you’re doing and/or have literally the perfect body that can make anything look cute. Why? This combination can easily turn into¬†this gal below. Ive seen that done really cute by a fellow blogger, but it’s hard to pull off and is usually best left for the pros.

bar-girl-wearing-choker-from-westernsHowever, if you do like the idea of wearing a choker with an off-the-shoulder top and you want to play it safe, keep everything in your outfit super modern with a neutral color palette.

Happy Friday, gals!



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