…halloween recap…

We kept our costumes a secret this year until the day of Halloween. We usually do that because we don’t plan ahead, but this time we had a plan and it was so much fun!


Beckett’s costume was easy. All he needed was an ax, flannel shirt, jeans, hiking boots, a beard, and suspenders. He had all of that already.

For me, I just needed a red riding hood, an apron, a black shirt, leggings, and Mary Janes. I had everything except the cape.

our-family-halloween-2016For Wolfgang’s outfit I bought a bear onesie from Babies R Us and a wolf hat and gloves from Party City and sewed the hat and gloves onto the bear outfit. The hat has a chin strap that was too big for him this year so I tucked it in and sewed the hat on loosely.

We couldn’t resist dressing Wolfgang as a wolf this year and it may become a tradition. I think next year we might dress us and our pup as the 3 little pigs! We’ll see though. It might be fun to dress as the same thing each year and watch Wolfie grow in the pictures each year!

Also, we tried trick or treating in our neighborhood, but I guess we went too early. Beckett didn’t remember what time to go and I grew up in a family that didn’t allow trick or treating so we went around 4:30 and our neighbors didn’t answer. They either hate Halloween or they were still at work. lol Probably the latter.

We got to go later that evening in Beckett’s sister & bro-in-law’s neighborhood! It was really fun for Beckett and me, but Wolfie didn’t know what was happening. He gave out a few sympathy smiles to people who tried to make him laugh, but was otherwise pretty somber. I think he was tired.

Do you have any halloween costume traditions?




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