Everyone loves a good gift guide to help kick off Christmas shopping so here are my top picks for (most) everyone!

As usual, I’m keeping it Under $100 (mostly WAY under) so your budget won’t regret giving these gifts!


1- Hair Bow | 2- Leopard Pumps | 3- Red Tote | 4- Kate Spade Scarf with Gold Detail

5- Foundation with SPF | 6- Makeup/Desk Organizer | 7- Neck Tie

8- H&M Mustard Sweater | 9- Makeup Brush

 10- Stacking Rings | 11- Target Scarf | 12- Glitter Belt | 13- Cozy Sweater

14- Studded Flats | 15- Leopard Belt | 16- Translucent Sunglasses | 17- Sam Edelman Flats

If there’s one thing I know, it’s what’s “trending” in fashion right now that will also be great in the future! I sorted through hundreds (possibly thousands) of items to find you these timeless wardrobe staples you can add to your closet or vanity this Christmas. 

The hair bow (#1) is something I saw in persona at Nordstrom and I had to include it. This picture doesn’t do it justice because it is honestly so cool and unique!

I have to say a word about the foundation I put on this collage. It’s my favorite drugstore foundation and it even has 15 spf in it to keep you wrinkle free into your thirties and/or prevent wrinkles after your 30s!! Protecting my skin has become super important to me over the years and with a few suspicious mole removals and a weird lump, I am pretty paranoid about skin cancer. I can firmly say I wish I could go back in time and tell my younger self to protect my skin and spend more time reading inside and less time reading on the dock. And maybe not get that lifeguarding job too…

Anyway, I think you can see for yourself that you basically need everything on this guide, but if I had to choose two things, I would pick the leopard heels (#2) and the grey sweater (#13). No, wait, maybe the red tote (#3) and the studded flats (#17)… 

Uhh it’s too difficult to decide!gift-guide-for-the-men-2016

1- Coach Keychain (this apparently sold out between the time I made this and inserted the link so this is a similar one by Coach)

 2- Backpack | 3- Puma Sweatpants | 4- Coach Money Holder

5- Camo Belt | 6- Michael Kors Shoes | 7- Nautical Belt | 8- Orange Loafers

Shopping for the man in my life is so so so hard. My husband, Beckett, has like 1o of everything a guy could need. So he usually just likes video games and random things, but I don’t like including those in gift guides so I’m including things I’d like to see him wear.

If your guy likes video games too, I know Beckett is currently eyeing Dishonored II lately and the new Batman game. So those might be good options for you to check out too!

About those orange smoking loafers… I actually really want to see Beckett in these wearing a classic cut orange sweater too. I think it would look really really good on him. That might be a mistake, but it could either be really cool or really ugly. lol

One last thing. I have to let you ladies know how much my hubby loves the mens line at Coach. Their wallets and keychains are playful, intricate, and well made. A lot of them are a little over $100 so I didn’t include them, but if you’re looking to get a guy in your life something cool check there first!


1- Bows | 2- Bardot Junior Dress | 3- Kate Spade NY Dress | 4- Tucker + Tate Hat

5- Little Me Bows Onesie

6- Mini Boden Jumpsuit | 7- Tucker + Tate Animal Socks | 8- Burberry Check Lined Jeans

9- Joah Love Wallace Sweat Suit | 10- Rocket Scientist Tee-Shirt (boys sizes)

Sorry for not including items for older kids. I get all caught up in looking at baby clothes and kinda ran out of time. I’m running out of time now too and I need to wrap this up (gotta go get supper ready), but I wanted to point out a few of my favorite baby items! 

That Kate Spade dress (#3). Need I say more?


Those little baby Burberry pants….? Whoever invented those is a genius. The check print peeking out of the bottom makes those pants. They’re a little spendy and I wish I had seen them before we bought ALL of Wolfie’s gifts, but at the same time, $100 for baby pants is kinda crazy since babies grow out of things in like 24 hours.

But still…

Besides, I forgot how cute babies look naked until I was changing one of Wolfie’s explosive diapers yesterday and had to turn him over to wipe off his backside. And I was like, “OH MY GOSH, WHO NEEDS BABY CLOTHES ANYWAY???!!! Can he just be naked all the time?” lol

Don’t be gross and take that creepy, people.

It’s cute. Naked babies are cute. End of story.

Ok, but now I really need to go.



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