Coat: faux fur leopard print | Sweater: “NON!” graphic sweater, similar | Skirt: pleated, similar that’s faux leather and AMAZING and another very similar to the one I’m wearing | Bag: Chanel from GILT, similar | Boots: Vince Camuto, similar OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I love this coat. It’s not everyone’s taste, but that’s ok.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Last year I wore it somewhere and a woman saw me wearing it and made a negative comment on it after asking me where I got it and after I told her my husband gave it to me for Christmas. I was shocked because this woman not only made me feel uncomfortable, but also completely disrespected my husband!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Some people are so rude sometimes.


But whatever! 😝


Even if you wouldn’t wear it yourself, you gotta respect a girl’s artistic expression!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Besides, nobody can deny this coat looks pretty awesome with the right outfit!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The Outift:

You can get your own faux fur leopard print coat at the links I provided. This exact version is sold out, but the one I linked is very similar and adorable. It may even be a little more flattering.

My graphic sweater is older (from Piperlime that’s now out of business), but I still adore it! Also, my pleated skirt is from a college friend/bible study leader who was getting rid of clothes and it’s so cute.

The bag is Chanel and if you read about my tips for buying your own in this post, you know mine’s from GILT. I linked a similar bag from there above and I love it. I recommend buying a used Chanel through GILT instead of elsewhere because GILT does a really good job checking for authenticity. Other sites like The Real Real don’t really check. My boots are 3 years old, but I linked a similar pair above. I recommend this brand if you’re looking to invest in a good pair of boots that will last.

Shirk the Haters:

If you like something you shouldn’t be afraid to wear it! In a recent post I explained my journey to starting this blog. In there, I said I was shy as a kid and I meant it. I couldn’t even speak up for myself at home. Sometimes I didn’t want to dress cute when I was little because I was afraid people would notice and I would awkwardly be the center of attention.

Well, I’m still pretty shy, but I’ve learned that it doesn’t matter what people say about how you look as long as you dress in a way that makes you feel confident and comfortable. Not that the outside is all that matters.

Something to think about.



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