I’m not a fashion expert or meteorologist, but I like to have fun with fashion and I like to pretend that I know what I’m talking about (*laughs*), so I’ll do my best to predict what everyone will be wearing in 2017.

In the past few years I’ve been able to accurately deduce Pantone’s color of the year, figure out what silhouettes will be popular, and even know certain prints that will dominate fashion shows. Call it well done research or luck, but this year I’m going to “publicly” state my opinions and see if they end up being true. 🙂

Fashion Forecasts for 2017:

I think things this year will be crazy on the fashion front. The shows for the 2017 designs have been crazy so far so I don’t expect anything but that! When I say “crazy” though, I mean they’ll be all over the board. Channeling the inner 1930s, 70s, 80s, and 90s!

If I were a betting woman, I would wager that the future fashion historians would tell us that the crazy designs this year have sprung from unrest and divide in our nation and abroad.

Fabrics: textiles will be bright, sometimes luxurious, sometimes rough, and will exhibit unexpected prints or textures if the item is classic looking. If the fabric has been made into a more modern design, the print/texture will stay classic. Think: bright yellow leather pants or khaki high heels.

The following two looks show what I mean by the above statements. The blazer and pants have come to be known as classics, but Marc Jacobs has created this other-worldly identity for them by using luxe & unexpected material.

The Rosie Assouline jumper is a little whimsical in silhouette so the fabric is a classic, durable khaki.


a la Elle online from Rosie Assouline

Silhouettes: many wardrobe essentials will have a classic vibe (think 1930-40s style) mixed with 80s and 90s undertones… or perhaps overtones. I know the 90s will hold strong (at least until fall 2017).

Fast fashion (like forever 21) will especially help to keep the 1990s vibes strong, especially in high schools and universities. For the more “elite” crowd everything will start to resemble classic American or European tourist/luxury style with a modern twist. It will be extravagant– yet easy to wear– and take cues from the 1930s and 1970s. The most fashionable women will wear shirts, dresses, or pants that would normally give maximum coverage, but unexpected sheer panels, cutouts, or slits will give the clothes some much needed sex appeal. Think: dresses with long hemlines disturbed by translucent areas or slits near the bust, hips, or legs.

Here are a few examples of women’s trousers from the 1930s that I think will be reminiscent of some trends in 2017.


images below a la vintage everyday





Hair: I’m thinking hair trends will stay long with the ever-so-common Victoria Secret-esq. curls, but I think they’ll be be texturized and tousled this year like a woman on an adventure. Think: the Victoria’s Secret model just woke up and and went for a hike.

Diet Craze: Sugar free. Maybe I’m thinking this one because I tried to get my hubby to do this one with me this year, but he talked me out of it. I really want to cut down on unnaturally occurring sugar in my diet so I might pretend to do this on most days.

Speaking of food, here’s a list of beverages you need to try in 2017 if you are’t hooked already!

Also, I have to add that pretty much all of these drinks were popular in Sweden while I lived there and have finally popped up all over the USA. Sweden, you’re quite the trend setter!

  • Kefir – I first found this in 2012 with my mom at hyvee, but found a similar product, Skyr, is popular in Sweden. It has tons of probiotics, protein, and is lactose free.


  • San Pellegrino sparkeling juice – These pop alternatives aren’t really healthy, but they sure are delicious.


  • Aloe Vera drinks – Aloe vera may be popular as a thing to rub on skin when you have sunburn, but it also apparently has health benefits. And it’s tasty. Costco carries my favorite brand, Alo, but I think there are other brands too. I first tried this in Sweden back in 2013 and am so glad it made its way to our shores!


  • Sparkling water – LaCroix is Beckett and my favorite brand. I first fell in love with sparkling water while student teaching during grad school and was excited to see that it was SUPER popular in Sweden when I moved there after grad school. A few other Americans at the Swedish school where I taught expressed disgust at this bland carbonated beverage, but I loved it!  Then about two years ago my husband and I used it to replace soda pop as a much healthier alternative.


Ok, so there are my fashion predictions/beverage advice for 2017!

Random, I know, but a fun post to write! Now go get yourself a corset, pair of yellow leather pants, culottes, and an aloe vera drink! 😉



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