January Loves <3


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This post was so much fun to put together because all of these items are totally affordable, trending in the new year, and are casually cute! Most of these items are a lot under $50, just FYI.

Why all these casual finds all of a sudden? Thanks for asking! (jk, LOL) Well, my taste in clothes always gravitates toward fancy things that I’m afraid to get them messy, which is impossible with a super busy (almost) 8 month old!

BTW, Wolfie is literally CLIMBING on EVERYTHING now. He doesn’t quite crawl in the traditional sense yet, but he army crawls over to any piece of furniture that’s near and tries to climb up. The most nerve-wreaking part is that he can get up and stand just fine, but then he tries to be a little dare devil and let go…

…I know babies fall, but he’s so tall it’s not always the average baby fall and we basically only have hardwood floors. So this mama is always running after baby, trying to protect his head from the inevitable bumps. It’s certainly not a job for high heels most days!

Thus, in 2017 it’s my mission to buy clothing that’s more wearable, such as all of these fun options above!

Can I point out a few details that I’m afraid you might miss just looking at this on your phone…

#9s are inexpensive and so cool with it’s studded strap details 

#3 are mac n cheese bestie earrings, all the feels ❤

#10 says, “Karl is my Father” lol

#13s are platform sneakers, which are replacing the “stan smiths” from last year so that’s a win

#7 and #8 are hilarious, but I appreciate the Rachel Roy shirt a lot too

#12 is a monogram bag that has gold details that I adore

What’s your favorite thing to wear when you’re at home and want to feel dressed, but not too dressy?




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