pleats for the people

This is what I’ll call my “feel good favorite” shirt.

Do you have a favorite shirt that is cute and always makes you feel good when you wear it?

If you don’t, now’s the time to snag an adorable, affordable pleated shirt to be your new “feel good favorite!”

I stumbled upon some adorable options from Banana Republic & and Ann Taylor at a fraction of the price.

I love the way the shirt flatters my body type and looks dressy, but is so easy to wear!

Options for Women with Curves:

Clu (same brand as mine)

A casual tee from Banana Republic for a curvaceous body type and a more business casual blouse for the curvy woman!

Options for women with a boyish frame:

More from BR where the pleats are at the hips. And a no-sleeve option

Also check out this pleated top from Ann Taylor… ❤

I’ll use the last space below to give you my total outfit details, in case you like the booties or sweater too AND I’ll make sure that the options are affordable (all under $50, most quite a bit less). 

Check it out and let me know what you think! 

top: Clu, sold out… similar here | sweater: similar here from Gap and another that’s inexpensive (under $20) from BooHoo | booties: similar from Target | bag: similar from Kate Spade and another from Street Level that’s under $50 | jeans: American Eagle 




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