I picked this “happy Mama” sweatshirt from Us Plus Four to share with you today because I think it is fab, funny, and functional. It would make such a fun mother’s day, valentine’s day, or baby shower gift for a mama friend.

They also have cute tanks and mugs if you have too many sweatshirts! 


This shirt is part of the Happy Mama collection. The rose gold writing and font of this sweatshirt totally makes it extra special. The off shoulder style is starting to come back into style this winter and seems to be planning a takeover of the off-the-shoulder-empire this spring. We shall see which style wins starting in April & May.



The graphic, “happy Mama” reminds me of the saying, “If Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.” lol — I always get a kick out of that saying, but there’s also some truth to it so It’s really important to me to be more positive and happy than I naturally want to be because the happiness of my family depends on it.

I was wearing this shirt the other day and got a little crabby and my husband said, “I’m so glad you’re such a happy mama!”

We had a laugh, but seriously he caught me! I definitely have some moments when I’m quite crabby, especially when my plans or clean house gets derailed. So I’m working on choosing joy and focusing on the positive.


The casualness of this top is another thing that draws me to it. Hence why I said it’s functional. I feel good wearing it because it’s cute, but I can also easily do my daily routine without worrying about fussy clothes getting in the way.


Speaking of fussy clothing… my son has become an expert button undoer these days and it has caused multiple wardrobe malfunctions. :/


At this rate, if you haven’t seen my cleavage, it means you don’t see me often…..

I want to hide under a rock after those little accidents.

But, what’s a girl to do? I just keep living life happy and chasing my little monkey around the house!



This post was brought to you by Us Plus Four (@us_plus_four on Instagram). As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own <3

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