Meet Beckett if you don’t know him already. He’s charming, well mannered, and a sharp dresser. That was one of the things I noticed about him when we first started dating. Even if he was sitting in his apartment playing video games all day he would still put on jeans, a button down, and (usually) a sweater. He literally never looked like a slob. His apartment though, that was a different story… haha


Why I love these shoes: I love that they are modern and sleek, yet they’re made of real leather, which is a durable and traditional looking material.

Although Beckett dressed well before we met, I still can get credit for getting him these shoes for Christmas. I will link a bunch of similar and inexpensive pairs below because these sold out.hands-on-hips

About the Shoes: finding dupes for these was really difficult! First, all I could find were these John Lobb Levah sneakers from MR PORTER, but they are expensive… gorgeous but expensive… so I revised my search words and found the following gems: a pair of darker leather Sperry sneakers, a pair of Clarks that are the right color, but have more seams than Beckett’s shoes do, and another pair of Clarks sneakers with a design that looks dressier.

Keep reading for more details —>one-hand-on-hip

Coat: Hugo Boss (older), similar by GUESS (under $75) and another by Ralph Lauren

Sweater: old, similar from a brand at Macy’s and another good option from Nordstrom Rack here


Button Down: Burberry, similar option on Gilt (the deals on designer items are worth signing up for this website. I’ve ordered from it multiple times and have not been disappointed).

Pants: True Religion (Under $70!!!!) A word of advice…. ONLY get these from Nordstrom Rack like I linked above. Don’t pay full price at the True Religion store. Nordstrom Rack almost always has huge racks of these for about $70/pair and at True Religion you wont find a pair under $170!


Isn’t he cute?!

Almost everything I linked above is on major sale now and if you’re thinking your hubby’s jeans or shoes are getting a little ratty, now’s a great time to update them!

Those classic sweaters are always winners in my book too because they are cozy enough that your husband or bf can be comfy while still looking good!

Buying a lot of classic pieces like this can be initially expensive, but it ultimately pays off because they are high quality and will last lots longer than that inexpensive brand that still looks good.  We bought Beckett these jeans (I think) 3 years ago now and they are all still in great shape.

Also, when shopping men’s clothes, consider the colors. Make sure he has 5+ nice button downs that will work for each season. Get some lighter colors and fabrics for spring and summer, browns and jewel tones for fall, and a few more dark grey and black shirts to add to the fall rotation for the winter months.

If your husband deals with customers at work, get him lots of navy blue, grey, and black sweaters. Those colors will help people trust him more.

If he teaches or works with patients, feel free to add in a few more fun colors this spring like orange or a slightly muted yellow. Mainly stick to classics though.

And even if your husband wears a uniform or doesn’t want to ruin nice clothes at work, build him a classic wardrobe so that he feels as fresh, comfortable, and sophisticated as you do when you two go out!



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