Healthy & Fit Series: part 1

Hey beauties! If you’ve just come across my blog, TheClassyArtist, welcome! My name is Kellie and today I’m sharing my latest athleisure obsession, along with my all-time favorite workout routine! When planning this series of posts, I really wanted to be useful to you by showing you cute workout gear, as well as helping you to start getting “beach body” ready!

First off, my workout gear is from All For Color, a clothing line that carries super cute (and colorful) swimwear, activewearclothing, and accessories. Their clothes are great quality and I’m especially liking their color palette & prices!


What I’m wearing: Static Vibes top in small and Static Vibes sports bra in small. Check out their other styles here!

The workout below is basically the only workout I’ve done since having Wolfie (besides going for walks) and I think it is really helpful to tone the muscles and feel good throughout the week.


3 reasons to shorten your workout:

  1. You still get most of the benefits from a less strenuous, longer workout. The goal is to do as many high intensity actions as possible in about 8 minutes. This way of working out is also sometimes called HIT (High-intensity Interval Training) and has been shown to improve muscles just like longer, less strenuous exercises do (like running). Many fitness programs (for example, the latest P90X) have caught on to this type of workout because it really works!

2.  It’s more time friendly. I like to think of it as a mom friendly workout because it’s so short, but I’ve been doing this routine on and off for years as my go-to.

3. You can take the workout with you since it involves calisthenics. That means you can get a full workout using your own body weight instead of buying an expensive gym membership or costly equipment.


my favorite moves:

I got most of these out of a fitness magazine while I was in college. It was one of those, “look good for summer in less than 4 weeks!” articles. I laminated the page and did the routine at least 5x a week. I love this workout so much that I also took the page with me to Sweden and did it outside of my apartment building each morning.

Feel free to switch out moves as needed. This doesn’t get every muscle group so you’ll want to add in your own moves sometimes.

move 1- Ab clapper.


Sit with your legs out in front of you, tighten your abs, reach your arms out like wings, then keep one hand in place as you bring the other to it. Make sure that after each “clap” you put both arms out like wings again. Repeat rep 10-12 times for each side.

move 2- Be the board.


Sorry there’s no gif for this… I forgot about this move while we took the pictures, but it’s a must-do! Also, you’ll probably want to drop to your elbows.

Think your basic plank. Then, move a leg up and outward, away from your center, bring the leg back to the middle and start again. The key to this move is speed and muscle control. Repeat 10-12 times per leg, while holding a continuous plank.

move 3- Dead dog.


Lay on your back with your arms and legs in the air. Move legs and arms outward simultaneously, then bring together. Rapidly repeat 10-12 times.

move 4- Side ups.


Start in a side plank position. With muscles tightened, move hips up and down from the ground 10-12 times. Repeat set 5 times.

move 5- Long lunges.


These are regular lunges, but you’re going to do 40 of them quickly.

move 6- Jumps for the lumps.

This move is literally just you jumping like a kid. Try to switch it up sometimes too. Maybe some days you try to get your feet high, the next you see how high you can get your knees, and the next you stoop way low after landing and jump again. See which is harder and work on that. Do 10-12 jumps really fast without stopping.

move 6- Burpees.


You know the routine. As fast as you can you will lurch down toward the ground, plant your hands, jump your legs back so you’re in a plank, bring your knees back in toward your chest, squat, and then jump in the air as hard and high as you can. This is where the real magic is. Once you do 10-15 of these, you should have no energy left. That’s how you know you’re done!

standing after cool off.jpg

I hope this inspires you & don’t forget to check out All For Color’s workout gear! Join me next Motivation Monday for more inspo!



This post is brought to you in partnership with All For Color. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Disclaimer: Ask your doctor before trying these moves, I’m not a fitness expert or personal trainer. You may need to start slowly and with breaks in between. Personal results may vary.

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