3 ways to wear a gray and rose gold watch

A feminine look: pair it with feminine details and light airy colors. This works because the rose gold is overtly girly and fresh.
When I was about 12 I got a Timex watch and wore it all the time. It wasn’t stylish, but it was my favorite color: green. 

When it died I stopped wearing a watch regularly until I was 21 years old and in grad school, but working as a CNA (trying to figure out what to do with my life because apparently that’s not what college was for…). The watch I chose then was also a stylish tortoise and gold watch that I still wear sometimes even though the battery is dead ūüėõ

But guess what?! Timex is looking really hot this spring with a new modern makeover!

A sporty look: the gray band gives the watch a little edge, which makes it perfect for a all-black sporty look.

When Timex reached out to me and asked if I would be interested in reviewing a watch for their spring collection I had a quick look at their current designs and immediately said, “yes!”  

This watch style is called the Peyton and it comes in other colors and finishes. They’re in the $60 range and are wonderful to add a little extra flair to your #ootd. Be sure to check them out on your own when you’re done reading this post! 

A punk look: this works because of the gray strap and the rose gold adds a little bling to spice up the look.

I was nervous about the rose gold at first, but it’s been a dream to wear (nonstop for 3 days, plenty of time to know if I’ll have a allergic reaction). As pretty as that metal color is I normally can’t wear it since I’m allergic to nickel. According to our wedding rings designer nickel is one of the additives that gives gold that rose gold look. I don’t know why I’m not breaking out, but I’m glad I’m not! So if anyone else out there needs things nickel free, this is a great watch for you too!

Which Timex is your favorite for spring 2017? Comment below!



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win a trip trip to coachella with shein!


Hi girls! Shein, a company I’ve worked with a lot lately (that has super cute, affordable clothes) is doing a Coachella trip giveaway and I wanted to tell you about it! ¬†It ends on 3/30 and winner will be announced that day at 6pm over SHEIN LIVE on the app so you just have a few days left to enter!

All you have to do is:

1) Download the SheIn App & create an account

2) Follow us on Instagram & Facebook @sheinofficial

3)¬†Like¬†our¬†post (on IG or FB) and¬†leave¬†your¬†“SheIn¬†user¬†name”¬†in¬†the¬†comments


The prize covers admission, airfare, and housing for 2 lucky people!
If I ¬†didn’t have a baby I would be dying to go to this w/ my hubby or a friend. It’s a HUGE music festival in CA that will have the top bands from around the world! Not to mention all the #styleinspo that’ll be there!

I’d love if you let me know when you enter, but it’s not required. Best of luck!



*open to residents of the USA.

“daddy’s donut buddy” with ooby dooby baby

obd 5

As an artist and all-round creative person I always want an element of surprise and uniqueness in almost everything I see or do. That’s one of the reasons I wanted to share this cute onesie from Ooby Dooby Baby, a small online shop that creates fun onesies, bibs, adult shirts, and more.

obd 6
aren’t my boys handsome? ūüôā

It’s also important to me to support small businesses like Ooby Dooby Baby¬†because growing up my dad co-owned (and still owns) a small business and its success was crucial to our family’s well being. Now I see it in a whole new light as I try to contribute to my little fam bam’s finances by selling my art and¬†blogging.
obd 8

Donut theses look good? ūüėõ

Wolfie’s exact onesie can be found here.obd4

Also, please send up a prayer for Wolfie if you think of it. He has a super nasty cold. It’s so bad that his eyes are watering all day. He is sneezing, coughing, and can barely eat since he can’t breathe super well.



This post is brought to you by Ooby Dooby Baby. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

warning: leggings in this post may be even cuter than they appear


That mesh detail…. ‚̧


Pair them with a choker and a black sweatshirt and they are so chic!

About the leggings:

I can’t stop wearing these leggings. They are comfy as heck. And they’re getting lots of compliments lately. Three people stopped me in Costco alone just to ask me where I got these babies. A handful of other people asked too throughout the 3-day period of me wearing them non-stop. lol

They’re from ROMWE and they’re under $11… what more could you need?!

Ordering tips:

When you order just size up once or not at all. I ordered a size L because Romwe sometimes runs small, but I think a size M would have worked super well too. Right now I’m kinda between a S and M so if you’re between sizes order the larger size.

Wearing tips:

I was wearing these running errands with my hubby and son. That’s why this look is so casual, but after we took these #ootd pictures, I decided the leggings looked even better paired with one of my hubby’s zip up sweatshirts (that fits oversized on me). Maybe I’ll post more pics wearing these leggings with that sweatshirt after I do laundry again ūüėČ

Life update:

Things are still crazy here. I started packing (aka making a giant mess) and I’m scared that I’m packing things we’ll need, but I needed to start somewhere so I started in the kitchen. Probably not the smartest move. If any of you have moved, where did you start packing and was it a good idea?

On a happier note, we think we found “the one. A house with a good layout, price, and enough space for us and our little boy. We shall see what the inspector has to say.

Send up prayers for us!



get professionally whiter teeth at home for less

Smile Brilliant Results
Both photos are unedited. Notice how the hypomineralization (the white spots AKA calcium deposits) was accentuated by the yellow color of the teeth before whitening. Now you can barely see those.

A few months back Beckett and I started getting extra paranoid about the color of our teeth. Just being honest, I think he asked me once a week for a few months if I thought his teeth were yellow. I wasn’t asking about mine back because I know my teeth are scudsy (I know, that’s not I word).

But I didn’t want to go spend tons of $$$ to get them professionally whitened and the white strips only do so much (and are still expensive if you use enough of them to get professional results). So this is a great affordable option.

When I found the company Smile Brilliant, I knew we had to try their custom-fitted teeth whitening kits! It only takes a few weeks of using this and your teeth will look so great! 

These are our kits. I can’t wait to use mine!

Before I ordered the 2 whitening kits I called a few local dentists to get price quotes on custom whitening trays. One dentist only charged $306.00, but another charged $375.00, and still another charged nearly $600! No words. I sure hope that $600 option is a miracle because that’s a lot of dough.

The Smile Brilliant kits were about $159 each (with options ranging from $159-129). The price’s a little higher, but they do offer options if you have sensitive teeth ($179-139). In my opinion, it’s so worth ordering these online because you’re literally getting 2 sets for the price of 1.

My custom trays… you make the impressions at home and send them in to be made into these!

Beckett did the whitening for 2.5 weeks for 30 minutes – 1 hour each time… and I think the results speak for themselves. He didn’t even get up to the full time recommended (3 hours a night) and his results were still so good. He also drank lots of coffee and grape juice the whole time.

I am going to have him keep whitening once we can have a normal bedtime routine again, but we’re in the middle of packing up our house so we literally drag ourselves to bed  each night and can’t stay awake long enough to whiten teeth. lol, so lame, but it’s our current reality.

These packages have syringes in them that last 3-4 nights each.

Beckett was really nervous about whitening his teeth because he had it done once before in a dental office and it hurt after awhile, but he says that when he uses the Desensitizing Gel (like you’re supposed to with Smile Brilliant) he doesn’t get any pain. Fair warning though, after awhile Beckett started getting lazy and skipping the Desensitizing Gel a few nights though and had some sensitivity the following days. He used it again and didn’t feel anything after that. Yuh gotta follow the directions, lesson learned.

To make the trays and whiten at home, simply follow the step by step directions!

I need to write this disclaimer though. Honestly, I haven’t used my kit yet, which I’m really sad about. I was about to start whitening. We had just got our custom trays back from the lab where they’re made (you do impressions at home and send them in) and I happened to read through the directions one last time before putting them on. And then I saw it. It said to ask your dentist/pediatrician if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding. Wellp, since I’m breastfeeding I called my dentist right away and he recommended I wait until I stop breastfeeding. All the sad crying emoji faces here.

I trust my dentist and he said that there just isn’t enough research yet to tell us if it’s 100% safe for the baby. My husband and I didn’t want to take that risk. My pediatrician actually said it was ok to whiten while breastfeeding. So there’s a lot of conflicting advice about it. But if you’re breastfeeding, it’s your own choice so ask your dentist & pediatrician too. 

I’ll wait until I finish breastfeeding and then post my results! Sooo keep a lookout for that in a number of months!



A special thanks to Smile Brilliant for sponsoring this post. As always all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

(di)stressed, but really stressed

I want these pants to be my carefree, walk around barefoot, go for a picnic, paint a picture type of pants so I thought it could be cute to throw some paints in there to set the mood!
I don’t know what I was thinking because I accidentally covered the rip in the knee with the flowers in every photo I took, and that’s one of the best parts! Uhhh… Either way, aren’t the hems dreamy?

Pants: Shein | Rug: Wayfair 

If you’re a frequent¬†reader of this blog, you might have gathered that we’re¬†in the process of moving.¬†Although it’s exciting & self-induced it has been extremely stressful. I’m talking migraine-inducing stress.

Our house is lovely and we’ve made it as perfect for us as we could without changing the entire layout of the house, but truthfully, it just wasn’t all we had hoped for in a house. It was a “boyfriend house,” if you will. You know the kind. The house you don’t mind being with for a little while, but you know you wouldn’t want forever.

When we heard it was a sellers market in our area, we got really starry eyed at the thought of selling our house for a profit so we could either reduce or eliminate our mortgage (we bought for way under market value so a few upgrades meant a big price jump). So like crazy people, we decided to list our house right after the holidays. We kinda thought we would have months to wait before we got an acceptable offer, but it was only a matter of weeks before we accepted one.  We were thankful for a doable offer and a slightly flexible move-out date, so for awhile we were just pain excited. As a few weeks passed we started going into panic mode. We only had xx amount of days before we absolutely had to find something so we could do a typical 30 day close and not be homeless. :/

One day while frantically searching for houses online, I ordered thse pants (pictured above) and was beyond excited for them. Sometimes I just like a good new pair of jeans to make me feel better about life, you know? But when they came in the mail last week I could barely get them past my butt.

Sure enough, when I checked my order, I realized I ordered a size M in them and Shein, being a Chinese company, always runs 1-2 sizes too small (same with most european clothing companies I’ve shopped from). I’m posting these pictures¬†anyway because I think they are so perfect to wear this spring and they’re a great price so I thought I would share now before I get the right size so you can order some too… and remember to size up at least once, maybe 2x! ūüôā When I get the other jeans, I’ll show how they look on. I ordered a ¬†L this time. We’ll see how that goes!

Last note:¬†I recommend washing these on cold and letting them air dry. You’ll get your money out of them better that way.



This post was sponsored by Shein, but as always all thoughts and opinions are my own!