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Today I’m sharing a really special post with you that was brought to you by a neat brand, Hapari. Their stuff is so cute and practical for girls who lead active lifestyles.


Meet Katie!

One of the most active people I know is my little sis, Katie. So today she’ll be teaching us how to do another quick at home workout and i’ll be sharing that with you in a free printable download at the bottom of this post.

I really like the look and fit of these pants. Katie and I tested them in our quick workout and loved them, then Katie tested them again in the gym and was still a fan!

My regular fitness routine:

I’m pretty much a wimp when it comes to working out. My pace is like yoga… for the elderly. I’m all for working out and staying fit, but my version of fitness is more about jogging, doing quick workouts, and at least getting a few crunches in each day.

But I know someone who always keeps me motivated to keep working out even when I don’t feel up to it that day!k3


Katie’s not a certified personal trainer, but she might as well be! So I asked her to show me a paired down version of her workout that she might do if she cant get to the gym. Spoiler alert, it totally kicked my butt! I know it’ll bring quick results.


Before I show you the workout I will keep showing pics of the clothes though because I’m obsessed with these fun prints! I’m also obsessed with their rash guards so if I ever get anywhere tropical, I’m wearing this!


Katie’s Outfit:

Bra: white eclipse | Pants: black | Jacket: white eclipse | Tank: african violet


My Outfit:

Bra: Eclipse | Tank: black | Jacket: white mesh eclipse | Bottoms: Eclipse

I think this jacket is so flattering for my body type!

Ordering Advice:

Size down in the pants, but do your normal size in all else. We’re actually both wearing everything in size small. So I feel like it’s good to see that a more athletic body type and my in between body type can both wear the same thing and still look good!

Katie’s usual workout:

Katie’s normal workout is in a CrossFit gym so this isn’t her everyday thing, but she can do at least 100 of each move with ease and still not be tired out. Me on the other hand…

Do you see how strong she is?! She could literally bench me, squat me, and squish me easily. She was a good gymnast in high school and has always been more fit than I, but especially after having a baby last may I feel so out of shape compared to her!


Do you see these sports bras? I think they are my favorite part of the whole outfit because they really keep everything in place! I’m still wearing mine now even though I changed into my pjs because its that comfy.


See how nice that sports bra fits in the back too?!


The Workout Routine to Get Fit Quick:

Workout Illustration

message me if you’re unable to save this workout routine pic!



This post is brought to you in partnership with Hapari. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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