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Be it art, furniture, or fashion its that unexpected twist on a classic silhouette that draws me to things. good closeup of walking

That’s why I wanted to show you this great work/church outfit with a little unexpected surprise.

best of back slash side

Shirt in the spotlight:

I paired this Make Me Chic top with a black camisole, purple jacquard pants, chunky heeled sandals, and a merlot colored bag. The top is so special because it makes the whole outfit look more intentional and designer.

good walking

Complete outfit details:

Shirt: Make Me Chic | Pants: J. Crew, a few seasons past, but I found these from ASOS for under $40 and they come in tall sizes!  I also scoped out these green Alice + Olivia pants on sale in my fav color so… you’re welcome 😉 | Cami: J. Crew | Bag: Coach, similar … and another under $50 if that’s your budget | Sandals: Just fab, here’s a similar pair that I think are more wearable | Necklace: Jimani | Sunnies: Prada, similargood of side

A story about these pants:

These pants also deserve a spotlight. They were from my last purchase before finding out we were expecting two Augusts ago. I got them because I loved the fabric and had been watching them online for a few weeks before the big 70% off J. Crew sale.

When I saw the purple pants were $20 I ordered them right away, along with the black silk cami and a few other things. They actually came in the mail a day or two after realizing I was pregnant. It was exciting that we were having a baby, but slightly depressing at the time because I had made a haul and ordered some *real leather* Helmut Lang pants (75% off from Saks, woooot!!!) and I was crazy ’bout them! So, knowing none of it would fit in a matter of months was a little sad. Obviously though I was way more happy about the baby than sad about having bought things that wouldn’t fit soon.

I wore those coveted leather pants to a Taylor Swift concert (as seen here) and to work as a teacher (probably not the smartest fashion choice) before banishing them to the back of the closet for about 10 months.

These jacquard pants though…. they proved more challenging foes to fit back into so I’m really excited to finally show them off! It only took me 19 months..

Where to wear it:

Anyhoo… I wanted to post this outfit soon because I thought some variation of this outfit is perfect for spring work functions and/or church. It could even be a good graduation outfit. Or Easter? I like to wear dresses on Easter Sunday tho…

I’ve personally graduated 3 times from education institutions: high school, college, and grad school and I’m embarrassed to say that each time I didn’t give myself a ton of time and had to buy my outfits last minute. That means more $$ was spent that necessary and a lot of time was waisted at malls searching for the perfect outfit. My advice to you graduates is to be smart and start planning now so you don’t have to scurry later. Order something unique and inexpensive from a site like Make Me Chic, Romwe, Shein, or even a department store like Saks on sale. That way you have time to try things on, catch something on sale, make sure the item(s) fits, and make sure you have the right shoes/jewelry.

That’s a lot of writing, but I hope it helps with any upcoming things!



This post is brought to you in partnership with Make Me Chic. I selected the item myself.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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