I want these pants to be my carefree, walk around barefoot, go for a picnic, paint a picture type of pants so I thought it could be cute to throw some paints in there to set the mood!


I don’t know what I was thinking because I accidentally covered the rip in the knee with the flowers in every photo I took, and that’s one of the best parts! Uhhh… Either way, aren’t the hems dreamy?

Pants: Shein | Rug: Wayfair 

If you’re a frequent reader of this blog, you might have gathered that we’re in the process of moving. Although it’s exciting & self-induced it has been extremely stressful. I’m talking migraine-inducing stress.

Our house is lovely and we’ve made it as perfect for us as we could without changing the entire layout of the house, but truthfully, it just wasn’t all we had hoped for in a house. It was a “boyfriend house,” if you will. You know the kind. The house you don’t mind being with for a little while, but you know you wouldn’t want forever.

When we heard it was a sellers market in our area, we got really starry eyed at the thought of selling our house for a profit so we could either reduce or eliminate our mortgage (we bought for way under market value so a few upgrades meant a big price jump). So like crazy people, we decided to list our house right after the holidays. We kinda thought we would have months to wait before we got an acceptable offer, but it was only a matter of weeks before we accepted one.  We were thankful for a doable offer and a slightly flexible move-out date, so for awhile we were just pain excited. As a few weeks passed we started going into panic mode. We only had xx amount of days before we absolutely had to find something so we could do a typical 30 day close and not be homeless. :/

One day while frantically searching for houses online, I ordered thse pants (pictured above) and was beyond excited for them. Sometimes I just like a good new pair of jeans to make me feel better about life, you know? But when they came in the mail last week I could barely get them past my butt.

Sure enough, when I checked my order, I realized I ordered a size M in them and Shein, being a Chinese company, always runs 1-2 sizes too small (same with most european clothing companies I’ve shopped from). I’m posting these pictures anyway because I think they are so perfect to wear this spring and they’re a great price so I thought I would share now before I get the right size so you can order some too… and remember to size up at least once, maybe 2x! 🙂 When I get the other jeans, I’ll show how they look on. I ordered a  L this time. We’ll see how that goes!

Last note: I recommend washing these on cold and letting them air dry. You’ll get your money out of them better that way.



This post was sponsored by Shein, but as always all thoughts and opinions are my own!

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