the perfect hair and shirt combo for spring!


Hey gals! Today’s look includes this $10 shirt, my trusty American Eagle jeans, Rebecca Minkoff sandals (+ similar here), and my LV vintage bag (similar). My headband is from Claires, but I found a super cute one that’s a little less and will link that here¬†and another with a moon and star here.

Ice cream is recommended. ūüôāb13

I’m not always a huge fan of the off the shoulder (OTS) trend because it can be difficult to keep the shirts down off the shoulders, especially when chasing around a little baby! But I’ve been working with it because I think this type of shirt looks so cute on other girls so I really wanted to try it again!b16

My hair style was an experiment and I ended up liking it a lot! Below’s what I did if you want to try it.

Festival hair:

You will need: A headband with little combs on each end, brush, and hairspray.

Step 1: Part your hair normally. I have mine parted down the middle.

Step 2: Tease your roots, starting at the top and working your way down your head in small horizontal chunks. Check the back with a mirror to make sure it looks smooth from behind. If you see the “rats” lightly brush over the top of the hair without ruining the volume.

Step 3: curl or otherwise style your hair as usual. I left mine natural because my hair looked good that morning, but feel free to do loose curls or beachy waves.

Step 4: Insert your headband (with the combs on the sides upward) on the back of your head. Going upward helps add volume your hair.

Step 5: Pull out any pieces of hair in the front that you want to frame your face. Then gently slide/adjust any hair that you need to to create an even puff in the back + sides of the head.

Step 6: Spray with a medium or light hold hairspray and enjoy!


$10 OTS shirt¬†|my trusty American Eagle jeans¬†|¬†Rebecca Minkoff sandals (+ similar here) | LV vintage bag (similar) | My headband is from Claires, but I found a super cute one that’s a little less and will link that here¬†and another with a moon and star here.b9

After hitting up an ice cream shop, we made a stop at a local beach to let Wolfgang play in the sand for the first time. He was obsessed! He kept running the sand through his fingers, and picking up rocks (to eat them).b2

He really loved it so it was worth it, but I ended up getting cold by the water so we didn’t stay too long.b6

We can’t wait to take him back when it’s warmer and he can swim and play all day ūüôāb7

Have a great Wednesday! We’re looking at our new house today so we’re both nervous and excited :S




3 ways to get summer trends for less

Hi gals! I’m super excited to have another post for you today so in honor of that I thought I’d share 3 shopping tips to help you get your favorite trends for less!

shirt/dress: Shein | Pants: Shein¬†(order just one size up!)¬†| shoes: Old Navy, old for $3.50! Similar-priced here! | Bag: similar LV (not guaranteed real b/c I can’t tell with 100% accuracy) | ¬†Sunglasses: similar Prada here

Inexpensive Clothing:

The first place I like to look for cute and inexpensive tops or dresses is Romwe, Shein, Make Me Chic, or¬†Asos.¬†The Shein brands¬†also have items on Amazon so if you’re an Amazon lover, check them out there! Those sites have clothing styles ranging from classic to the most current trends so you get a bit of everything.

I’ve read other blogger’s reviews about sites like the ones I listed above and one girl was saying that Romwe is fine as long as you only wear the clothes once and don’t wash them. I’ve found that to be a false statement. As long as you wash the clothes on cold and hang them to dry you’ll be fine. But that same rule applies to everything I own. We actually don’t wash anything on hot or use the dryer on¬†any of our daytime clothes (except exercise clothes). So maybe that blogger washed something on hot and it got ruined…?

Is that normal to dry everything? Growing up we always washed everything on hot and dried everything, but when I met my future hubby he explained how clothes last longer and don’t shrink weird if you just skip the heat. Now I’m a total believer in cold water and air drying all of our clothes, minus the underwear and the exercise clothes. What are your thoughts?

Inexpensive Luxury Bags:

Need that perfect way to say congratulations to yourself for finishing another school year strong? Don’t break the bank with a new bag, buy used luxury bags online with the following tips.

When looking for a used LV or Chanel bag it’s always good to do your research first to minimize the chance that you pay hundreds of dollars for a dupe (and yes, if you want a real one it’ll still be at least a couple hundred for a bag in fine or poor shape). I have bought 2 luxury bags secondhand online and feel pretty confident that both are real.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I do sometimes wonder about the authenticity of my Louis Vuitton (pictured in this post) because 1) I bought it on Tradesy¬†— a site that only requires you to claim the bag is authentic — and 2) it’s so old it’s difficult to research. However, I chose this bag feeling confident that it’s authentic after doing about 5 hours of research. I even paid a little more for it vs. another exactly like it because the canvas looked more¬†authentic and all of the markings were correct and visible in the pictures. I still didn’t shell out 1k+ for a LV handbag! The good thing about this site and one like The Real Real is that they’ll handle your returns. A lot of brick and mortar consignment shops don’t do that.

About my Chanel: I’m 100% sure my Chanel is the real deal because it was authenticated by the site GUILT (I trust them), it had all the correct logo markings, it was made of buttery soft lambskin, and the gold on the logo and chain is real (something Chanel stopped doing lately).

If you’re interested in getting one: familiarize yourself with brand logos, bag structures, and other telling signs (like if the brand always matches the pattern on seams). Dupes often have warped or slightly different logos than the real thing. Or they’re totally missing a part of the logo like where it would say “Paris” or wherever it was made.

If you want¬†a second set of eyes to look at a bag, message me or DM me on Instagram @The_Classy_Artist. I can’t promise that I’ll know if a bag is authentic, but I can help you make a better informed decision with what I’ve learned!

Inexpensive Sunnies, etc:

My sunglasses are Prada and were bought as my birthday gift from the Sunglasses Hut outlet in Albertville. They were about $150. If you’re a Minnesotan reader, that outlet mall is a great place to find good deals and it has a lot of the stores you love. But beware of stores that offer “deals” that aren’t really anything special. For example, the American Eagle at that outlet mall isn’t much different than the normal stores.

Other places I like to look for sunglasses, bags, or shoes are TJ Maxx and department stores like Neiman Marcus during their sales. Just wait for the department stores’ annual or semi-annual sales and you’ll find your favorites for up to 70% off! It’s good to go shopping on Dec. 26th, in the fall (like August), and in the spring, but don’t always look for the things you want for the upcoming season. Think back to the season that’s fading out and figure out what you’ll want for next year. Dying over those over the knee winter boots? Hit them up in late February – early spring and save them for the next winter!

Back to the shirt/dress I’m showing in the pictures! I love how good the embroidery looks! Sometimes stuff like that has loose ends or doesn’t look as good in real life as it does online, but I’m totally digging these sleeves. The pom pom fringe is another nice touch!

shirt/dress: Shein | Pants: Shein¬†(order just one size up!)¬†| shoes: Old Navy, old for $3.50! Similar-priced here! | Bag: similar LV (not guaranteed real b/c I can’t tell with 100% accuracy) | ¬†Sunglasses: similar Prada here

I hope this is helpful to some of you and that everyone is having a great day! We’re still homeless and loving it, but starting to look forward to getting back to reality and our own bed soon! Wolfgang’s 1st birthday is coming up and I have a self-induced long to-do list because I love being creative, hosting parties, and making things! And never fear, I’ll share pictures after ūüôā lol



la la lollipop


We’ve been having tons of family fun time this week while squatting at my in-law’s cabin. ūüėČ We’re soooo thankful for this little mini break!

fyi- you don’t know how hard it is to take a lollipop licking picture without it looking dirty… lol

One of the things we did on Saturday was to drop by an old fashioned candy store for lollipops and other goodies. Wolfie was especially drawn in by all the bright colors and sweet treats in the store!



I ordered this dress from Romwe on Amazon and think it’s the perfect thing to wear this spring! It’s a little short so I will wear it with pants on cooler or windy days. ūüėČ 

Order a size or two up, knowing it’s short and would fit too tight if you use your normal size. I’m wearing the XL. Keep in mind I’m 5’10” and needed length along with it to fit in the bust.

The best part is it’s only $14.39 and is perfectly on trend. What better way to update a normal dress/shirt than to add a flattering crisscross detail?!


He just got a mini-taste, don’t worry!c19new

There’s a story about my hair so here it is:

My husband and I were watching Friends and when Phoebe had her hair like this in an episode my hubby and I both thought it was kinda fun. So I jokingly told him I would wear it like this sometime.

Fast-forward to Friday while in a mall and I look over and see an ad with a girl in this hairstyle again! I thought, “ok, tomorrow’s the day!”

And that’s why I’m wearing Princess Leia buns! lol

A similar headband for $12 is linked here and it’s so elegant!

Can you see how much this little guy loves to walk?! Today he literally ran up the stairs (while I held his hands, of course)!
My loves! Look how cute they are!!!!!

What do you think of the crisscross dress? Would you wear it as a dress or shirt?!



my honest opinion of Victoria Beckham for Target

My Honest Review of VB x Target

Pros: This shirt looks so cute from the front/on the hanger. When I looked at the VB x Target Collection online I was most excited for this shirt. You’ll want to size down though if you still want to order after you read the cons.

Cons: It is so wide that it would work well as a maternity shirt. The fabric is kinda stiff too so it can’t lay against your skin to show your true shape. That’s good if you’re trying to hide love handles, not good if you’re proudly working on your summer bod.

Another fun fact: This shirt is super similar to one Victoria Beckham made for her luxury label, VICTORIA. And that shirt came with a big price tag! See it here along with her $287 gingham pants that are both the same/similar as the ones she made for Target that are literally $30.

Pros: The bee shirt has a flattering fit and the bees update a classic style.

Cons: the fabric wrinkles easily. I tucked it in for a second to see how that would look, but wasn’t happy when 1) it wrinkled and 2) didn’t look good tucked in. Don’t wear this shirt if you have to sit for a long time like at a desk job or if you’re traveling. You’ll look dumpy when you get up!

Pros: I love the playful scalloped edges, color, and the overall look of this tank top. Plus, a price of $25 is not bad!

Cons: it’s a little boxy. Wear it with skinny jeans or short shorts to keep from looking frumpy.¬†

Pros: the fit and details on this orange drop waist dress are flattering. The back has a button down detail along with a bow at the top that really elevate the piece. You know it’s cute when they use it in the ad campaigns. Also, if you’re like Blake Lively and won’t wear a drop waist dress, try it anyway and let me know what you think! I felt it was really quite flattering!

Cons: This one is more personal, but I couldn’t breastfeed Wolfie in it and my hubby said it looked like Halloween so I didn’t get it. However, I think it could be worn this spring in a way that doesn’t bring Halloween to mind. I would pair it with navy suede sandals or bright yellow accessories for a fun look. Or I would consider wearing it with a nude heeled sandal for a more classic occasion.

Pros: the color and cut of the orange scalloped romper are both playful and cute!

Cons: this is a medium. It fit me perfectly everywhere… except in length. I tried to hide the camel toe¬†for the picture, but it was happening (insert hiding monkey emoji here).¬†Not a classy look, lol!

Edited: my hubby told me it’s not classy to talk about camel toes on my Classy Artist blog, but I told him I have to because it was bad! lol. Just gotta be real sometimes!

Pros: the skirt is cute and vibes well this spring!

Cons: the scalloped detail is literally a flap and reminded me of those towels football players keep at their waists. Another thing I wasn’t thrilled about was the fit and the thin fabric. The skirt seemed too big in the waist and wouldn’t be worth fixing. I wanted it to sit at my natural waist, but it always slipped down to my hip bones. And about that fabric…. I could see my undies through the back.

Pros: As you can see above, I got this dress for Easter Sunday and love the one shoulder style and color!

Cons: I tried a size Medium and was happy with it in the store, but realized as soon as I wore it on Easter that it was HUGE in the armpits. I couldn’t change out of it fast enough after church because I was so paranoid about flashing my bra! :/ Otherwise it was good!

Pros: this dress in black may make for a great LBD for the wintery months. I could see it styled with black tights and velvety booties. The pink version of this dress would have been great for Easter due to the rabbit detail at the collar.

Cons: there are rabbits on the collar. You can only wear this 2 places. The first is on Easter and the second is to a Alice in Wonderland themed party. Also, the black version could easily look like something a little girl on a horror movie would wear.

My overall thoughts:

This post only hits the high and low notes of the VB collection and there are some other very cute items on Target’s website that are definitely worth a try. I mean, at that price you can always try something and return it if it doesn’t work. Just be sure to follow these three guides:

1- size down, especially on shirts, but also on bottoms as long as you don’t have a big derriere.

2- know that you probably won’t want to work the clothes into your daily rotation because they are very bright and memorable.

3-¬†don’t take the tags off right away. Wear it around the house for a little while to make sure it fits how you like.

Sorry my posts have been so sporadic lately. We finally moved out of our house and handed over the keys. Now we have a week of waiting until the new one is ready! That’s all for now!



Go Long for Spring 

Longline duster coats can be really flattering and I’m especially digging this pink one for spring! And get a load of the price! It’s literally $14!!!!!!

The material is light enough that it can be worn on warmer days, but it gives enough coverage that you don’t need a jacket if there’s a mild breeze. 

The length goes down to my mid-calf and works really well with tighter clothes underneath. 

The pink goes well with white, neutrals, and gold. It could also be nice with a black “base” outfit. Or some neutralized green or navy pieces. 

When shopping for dusters, sweaters, and tops I always like to know that something looks good from the back. And this long sweater meets that standard! Plus, you cannot beat that price!

The watch is Timex and you can see the old post about and 3 ways to wear it here

Duster coat: Shein (can you believe it’s just $14?!)| pants: similar by Kut| shoes: older, similar by Corso Como | watch: Timex | bag: similar by Calvin Klein | shirt: similar by Asos

Tips for wearing a longline duster: 

For a younger vibe, don’t wear it with anything too professional. Start with an interesting tee shirt and add skinny jeans, flats, and a coordinating bag. Don’t take yourself too seriously in this and don’t worry if not everyone loves this style! Wear what makes you feel confident and beautiful.



4 healthy ways to deal with stress

With finals, work deadlines, expensive vacations, and family gatherings coming up, you’re bound to feel like your life is under pressure this spring. Since I was feeling the stress I did a little research to find out how psychologists advise us to handle things when all we want to do is curl up in the fetal position and watch Netflix. 

My current cause of stress is our move and our job situation. If you’ve ever packed a house full of items while trying to watch a baby and thinking about job applications, you know what I’m talking about.

Beckett will attest to the fact that I don’t do well with relational strain, chaos, or a messy house. Those things drive me up the wall.  So if there was a measure of how “high up the wall” I would be right now, I’d have to board a jet plane to show you. 

So here are the tried and tested ways to better deal with that enivatible stress:

1. Be thankful. Take control of your emotions and give thanks. Stop focusing on all those negative things and think about the good. 

I like to do this by thanking God for all the blessings He’s given me/is. Then follow that with a quiet time. I generally journal my prayers and thanksgiving because it keeps me more focused. That way I’m less likely to start making a mental list of everything else I have to do that day. 

2. Take time to relax and enjoy life. Find those little ways to relax throughout the day.

Beckett ordered this at home massager for me awhile back and it has been so good during the packing process. 

I have a high pain tolerance (seriously) so when I didn’t stop complaining about my neck muscles hurting, Beckett knew either a) he would have to keep massaging my neck daily or b) he could pay for a massage for me, or c) he could buy me a massager that would cost less than an hour massage at a spa. Lol 

So he got me the gadget above and I love it! The pain is down a lot and it feels so good to sit for 15 minutes and relax every night! I still feel the knots, but they’re smaller and I think they’ll be gone by the end of the week!

Another way I like to relax is by sitting down with a nice cold chai tea latte made with the Tazo Chai mix. We buy ours in bulk at Costco to save a ton of $$. 

Cup from Northern Glasses, a local non-profit that gives water to those in need. –>
Foot bomb from, Shhh. beauty bar, Bodylish lotion bar, SinfulShine nail color in Miss Cheif from the King Kylee collection, Essie polish in ladylike, and Acure brightening facial scrub
These products are all ones that I really like. The bath products are new so I tried them today and throughally enjoyed them. My feet feel like I just went to the spa. 

The brightening facial scrub is from Target and smells super refreshing and natural. I highly recommend it. 

3. Get some exercise.

We love taking family walks to break up a long, tiresome day. It energizes us and brightens our day. 

4. Experience new things with those you love. 

I’m adding this one myself, but I know research backs it up too. Experiences boost happiness. So de-stress a little with something low-key and low cost. Go to the park, library, or on a day trip to somewhere beautiful!