My Honest Review of VB x Target

Pros: This shirt looks so cute from the front/on the hanger. When I looked at the VB x Target Collection online I was most excited for this shirt. You’ll want to size down though if you still want to order after you read the cons.

Cons: It is so wide that it would work well as a maternity shirt. The fabric is kinda stiff too so it can’t lay against your skin to show your true shape. That’s good if you’re trying to hide love handles, not good if you’re proudly working on your summer bod.

Another fun fact: This shirt is super similar to one Victoria Beckham made for her luxury label, VICTORIA. And that shirt came with a big price tag! See it here along with her $287 gingham pants that are both the same/similar as the ones she made for Target that are literally $30.

Pros: The bee shirt has a flattering fit and the bees update a classic style.

Cons: the fabric wrinkles easily. I tucked it in for a second to see how that would look, but wasn’t happy when 1) it wrinkled and 2) didn’t look good tucked in. Don’t wear this shirt if you have to sit for a long time like at a desk job or if you’re traveling. You’ll look dumpy when you get up!

Pros: I love the playful scalloped edges, color, and the overall look of this tank top. Plus, a price of $25 is not bad!

Cons: it’s a little boxy. Wear it with skinny jeans or short shorts to keep from looking frumpy. 

Pros: the fit and details on this orange drop waist dress are flattering. The back has a button down detail along with a bow at the top that really elevate the piece. You know it’s cute when they use it in the ad campaigns. Also, if you’re like Blake Lively and won’t wear a drop waist dress, try it anyway and let me know what you think! I felt it was really quite flattering!

Cons: This one is more personal, but I couldn’t breastfeed Wolfie in it and my hubby said it looked like Halloween so I didn’t get it. However, I think it could be worn this spring in a way that doesn’t bring Halloween to mind. I would pair it with navy suede sandals or bright yellow accessories for a fun look. Or I would consider wearing it with a nude heeled sandal for a more classic occasion.

Pros: the color and cut of the orange scalloped romper are both playful and cute!

Cons: this is a medium. It fit me perfectly everywhere… except in length. I tried to hide the camel toe for the picture, but it was happening (insert hiding monkey emoji here). Not a classy look, lol!

Edited: my hubby told me it’s not classy to talk about camel toes on my Classy Artist blog, but I told him I have to because it was bad! lol. Just gotta be real sometimes!

Pros: the skirt is cute and vibes well this spring!

Cons: the scalloped detail is literally a flap and reminded me of those towels football players keep at their waists. Another thing I wasn’t thrilled about was the fit and the thin fabric. The skirt seemed too big in the waist and wouldn’t be worth fixing. I wanted it to sit at my natural waist, but it always slipped down to my hip bones. And about that fabric…. I could see my undies through the back.

Pros: As you can see above, I got this dress for Easter Sunday and love the one shoulder style and color!

Cons: I tried a size Medium and was happy with it in the store, but realized as soon as I wore it on Easter that it was HUGE in the armpits. I couldn’t change out of it fast enough after church because I was so paranoid about flashing my bra! :/ Otherwise it was good!

Pros: this dress in black may make for a great LBD for the wintery months. I could see it styled with black tights and velvety booties. The pink version of this dress would have been great for Easter due to the rabbit detail at the collar.

Cons: there are rabbits on the collar. You can only wear this 2 places. The first is on Easter and the second is to a Alice in Wonderland themed party. Also, the black version could easily look like something a little girl on a horror movie would wear.

My overall thoughts:

This post only hits the high and low notes of the VB collection and there are some other very cute items on Target’s website that are definitely worth a try. I mean, at that price you can always try something and return it if it doesn’t work. Just be sure to follow these three guides:

1- size down, especially on shirts, but also on bottoms as long as you don’t have a big derriere.

2- know that you probably won’t want to work the clothes into your daily rotation because they are very bright and memorable.

3- don’t take the tags off right away. Wear it around the house for a little while to make sure it fits how you like.

Sorry my posts have been so sporadic lately. We finally moved out of our house and handed over the keys. Now we have a week of waiting until the new one is ready! That’s all for now!




  1. April 25, 2017 / 12:53 pm

    LOL! I love how real you are. Don’t stop! I went through the Victoria Beckham x Target collection and I was disappointed I did not find anything I liked! I glad you found some pieces you liked however, they look amazing on you. Lol–I couldn’t agree more on that black horror movie dress. Haha

    • April 25, 2017 / 5:24 pm

      Hahaa yeah, it was hard to find something that fit right for sure! And I’m glad you agree about the black dress! Creepy! Lol

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